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    Daily Core Program, Hitting the Floor to Ceiling Ball

    Hi and welcome to another week,

    It was great to finally get a break from the heat last weekend – the drop in temperature from Monday to Wednesday was certainly appreciated by me (and I would say everyone who managed to get through a session or two).  It really can be a battle of will just to get to the end when it is hot – and whilst it is important to push yourself through, remember to keep your water bottle with you (and use it) as the temperature rises.

    That said, with cooler temperatures predicted for the first part of this week, it would be a great time to really amp up your training – come to the gym focussed on getting the most out of it rather than just ‘getting through it’ which is something I am sure all of us have been guilty of during the recent heat wave.

    Daily Core Strength Program

    One of the more common questions I am asked is ‘how can I strengthen my back’ and ‘how can I strengthen my core’.  Well, the answer is both simple and difficult – because it needs time and repetition.

    Below is a sample core strengthening program that takes about 15-20 minutes to complete.  If you are able to roll through this circuit (along with a 30-minute walk/jog) on your days away from the gym it would certainly help improve your general fitness and particularly your core resilience.

    Why not give it a shot as soon as you jump out of bed tomorrow (it is a public holiday after all).

    Sets Exercise Repetition
    1 Pushups 12
    1 Bridge 1 Minute
    1 Squats (Unweighted) 20
    1 Pushups 16
    1 Bridge 90 Sec
    1 Oblique Crunches 20 / Side
    1 Side Bridge 45 sec/side
    1 Russian Twists (with medicine ball or weight plate) 20 / Side
    1 Side Bridge 1 Min/side
    1 Supermans 25
    1 Pushups 20
    1 Bridge 2 Min

    Yes, there are a few push-ups and squats in the ‘core’ program.  Remember though, those are really whole body exercises and your ‘core’ is more than just your abs.  For the girls out there doing push-ups on your knees, that is fine – but remember, if you really want to strengthen your abs and back doing them from your feet would be a great way to start – just aim for 5 today, then try to go up by 2 every week until you can do 20 ‘full’ pushups.

    March Challenge is Under Way

    There are a few pretty impressive results on the board already with usual suspects Ryan Gilroy and Todd Kovacevich already cracking the 5 minute mark.  For me, I am not sure if this challenge is harder than the last two, but because of the way the speedo on the bikes work (increases in 100m increments rather than the 1m increments used by the rower) it certainly can be a bit frustrating…you just don’t feel like you are getting anywhere.

    Anyway, there is still more than 3-weeks remaining if you want to have a go (or a few goes) – it is certainly a tough challenge and I am certain just getting through it will help improve your fitness.

    A reminder of the rules for anyone interested:

    • 3km’s on the bike, gear 16.
    • Two divisions – Boys and Girls.
    • The prize will be simple – train the trainer (or ALL the trainers) for 1×45 minute session.  So if you want to get your own back, the March challenge is for you.

    Gym Update #1

    The Power Rope handles are now fixed to the wall and consequently we were able to integrate them into the classes a few times last week.  I doubt we will use these every day, however I think everyone who pushed through the classes on Monday and Friday last week would say they are a very challenging exercise and a great addition to the circuits.

    Gym Update #2

    A few of you might have noticed we have a new sign out the front!  It gives us a bit more visibility from the street – so when you are telling your friends about us they can find the gym a bit more easily.

    Gym Update #3

    The protein bars are back – and this time both RedBak and LadyBird versions are available.  We have low-carb options for guys and girls, as well as a high protein option for the guys.

    They are very, very (very, very) tasty – maybe a bit too nice – and only $3 each, so if you need a bit of sustenance/protein post training, give one a try.

    Footy Tipping

    Another reminder to join the Round 1 Fitness Footy tipping contest.  As mentioned in the email, the prizes will be dependent on entry numbers so I can’t publish those yet, but basically the more the merrier.

    The entry link is:

    Reminder – Thursday’s and Friday’s

    Just a reminder on last week’s note about sessions on Thursday’s and Friday’s:

    • Thursday’s will feature 1-minute rounds from this week until the end-of-March.

    All sessions from 5pm Friday all sessions will cost just $5 (again, until the end of March).

    Link of the week

    A ‘How To’ link this week – this time on using the Floor-to-Ceiling ball.

    Anyway, that is it from me for another week.

    See you in the gym!



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