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    COVID19 – Lockdown Extension

    Hi Everyone,

    Apologies for the ‘all over the place’ message to follow but I am still trying to get my head around the latest lockdown announcement.

    – We remain closed until Friday (with updates from the Premier to follow).
    – We are HOPEFUL that we will be permitted to re-open on Saturday, however at this stage it seems there are no guarantees.

    This means we remain in ‘Stage 1’ of lockdown from a gym perspective and will be continuing to provide free of charge 2x workouts each day – one for Body Weight and one for Strength until FRIDAY – so in the short term, everything will carry on as it has for the last couple of days.

    Now, if the lockdown extends past then, here’s what THAT will mean (from a gym perspective):

    Stage 2:  Quarantine extended beyond 7-days (so this is from Saturday May 1st onwards).

    (again, read about all of this here:


    From SATURDAY, you will still be able to access our AT HOME training, but it will be via subscription only:

    The Body Weight stream will continue to be offered but will be published via a private track on SugarWOD – accessible via subscription for $10/week.

    The Strength Workouts will also be made available (again, via SugarWod with full videos) for $10/week.

    In the event you want access to both ‘streams’, a combined package will be available for $15/week.

    PLEASE NOTE:  This will be from SATURDAY in the event the lockdown is extended.

    Now, in ADDITION to the workouts, you will also be able to HIRE gym equipment from Saturday – again, this is IF WE ARE STILL CLOSED:

    $40/week for cardio items.

    $10/week for ‘PRIMARY’ strength items. (Kettlebells, Dumbbell pairs, barbells)

    $10/week for ‘Secondary’ strength items (weight plate pairs).

    I am really (really) hopeful that we don’t get to this

    Stay safe everyone – and please continue to do the right thing – it seems only ZERO cases will enable us to re-open so wear your masks and wash your hands!

    For everyone who is frustrated with the announcement – particularly given all of the steps we have taken with regards distancing, eliminating equipment sharing and disinfecting post session at Round 1, well, what can I tell you – the continued closure is frustrating but all we can do is follow the directions we have been given and ‘make the best of things’!  Getting angry and frustrated wont help…enjoy the at home sessions, maybe go for a run (or two) and look forward to smashing it out come Saturday!

    I hope you are all having a great day,


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