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    COVID Update, March 23rd

    Hi Team,

    As per the announcement by the PM yesterday, we are required to CLOSE the gym from 12pm today.  What this means, what we are allowed to do, when we will be permitted to re-open…all of those are questions I wish I could answer for you right now.

    Further to my email yesterday, WE ARE FREEZING ALL MEMBER ACCOUNTS (with the exception of those who have specifically stated that they would like to continue to support the gym during this time – and a big thanks to those guys)…BUT it is going to take a couple of days to get all of that work done.

    So please be patient with us.

    The membership FREEZE will be applied and you WILL get credit for any ‘time’ you have paid for at the gym when the government allows us to re-open.  I really hope you can be understanding on this point – if a debit happens either tonight or even tomorrow night then it was probably already ‘in stream’ from late last week…we are 100% doing everything we can to pause your accounts but there are a lot of people who need to be processed.

    IF – like a few people have done already – you would like to offer to continue to pay your membership fees despite the closure, well…what can I say – that would be incredibly generous and mean a lot to us as we try to secure the future of the gym in these uncertain times.  Please contact me by email ( if you would like to be part of this support program.

    What else?  Well in an effort to still provide you with a health and fitness ‘PLAN’ in these difficult times we will continue to provide the FREE daily workouts via email and Social Media (and hopefully from today with video support) AND there will be a FREE nutrition challenge kicking off on Monday April 6th.  We are also trying to look beyond that and into the possibility of introducing a one-on-one online training model and at the potential for outdoor group sessions (which of course could be depending on the legality of so doing).

    Apologies if you are feeling under-informed about what is going on – I am trying hard to keep everyone ‘up-to-date’ but priorities at the current time are trying to focus on the financials (membership freezes, staff entitlements etc) rather than the ‘personal/fitness’ ones.  I hope this will swing around in the next day or so as the current administrative ‘mountain’ is reduced to a molehill.

    Please feel free to send me any questions you might have and I will 100% answer them if I am able to do so…again though, my email inbox is backing up a bit so again, please have a little bit of patience with me – your question is important and I will get too it as soon as I can.

    Stay safe.


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