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    COVID Lockdown#3 – Round 1 @ Home – Workout 7, April 30th 2021

    Today’s workout is one of our ‘Minute Drill’-based programs.  For those people who participated in the home-workouts during the 2020 lockdown, you will be familiar with this style of training.  It works like this:

    Set your timer for 30-second intervals (30 secs work, 30 secs rest).

    At the conclusion of each interval, change exercise.

    Repeat the cycle for 6x rounds (30 minutes).

    As noted in the video, happy for you to sub out ONE of push-ups or inch-worms for a cardio based drill (bike, skipping, shuttle runs) but be sure to work hard during the cardio interval – 30 seconds of ‘steady skipping’ wont cut it!

    Fun session today – be sure to check the video for running substitution options as well as demos for each of the ab exercises!

    Unfortunately for you guys I’m back in front of the camera today, but be sure to check it out for demos/explanations.



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