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    COVID Lockdown#3 – Round 1 @ Home Strength – Workout 3, April 27th 2021

    Once again, what can I say?  there is NO REASON for anyone to be losing strength and fitness during this lockdown – follow the programming and we will roll out of this in great shape together!

    Today we get to sprint.  We so rarely get to do this at the gym I just couldn’t let go of the chance to throw some in – get warmed up then 2x 40m, 2x 60m and 2x 80m.  So good for you!  Muscle growth, calorie burning – and the EPOC effect!  I even had to look up the acronym so I remembered it for the video so please remember to check it out!

    From there we are into some body weight (but challenging) leg work with Bulgarians, Broad Jumps and Nordic Falls followed by a core circuit – SO GOOD.  SO, SO GOOD!  I have to admit to being pretty excited about this one!

    Good luck!  Check the video for the demos (and the definition of EPOC!):

    See you in the gym!



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