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    COVID Lockdown#3 – Round 1 @ Home Strength – Workout 1, April 25th 2021


    It’s Day 2 of Lockdown #3 so our Strength Workouts are back up and running.  I have done the demos using my faithful sandbag – but you can use anything you like really – barbell, kb, dumbbell…or back to the old ‘limestone block’ method as demo’ed back in Lockdown#1!!

    What can I say?  there is NO REASON for anyone to be losing strength and fitness during this lockdown – follow the programming and we will roll out of this in great shape together!

    Today is all about the lower body.  Be sure to check the video link for the dynamic squats, active foot split squats and foot elevated split squats…I also demo the single leg glute raises but I’m sure you guys are all over those!

    Good luck!  Here’s the video:

    See you in the gym!



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