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    COVID Lockdown#2 – What we are doing/What you need to know!

    Hi Team,

    As you will all (no doubt) by this time be aware, the gym will be closed from 6pm tonight until 6pm Friday.  Which – let’s face it – means until Saturday morning.  The next group sessions to run will be:

    Boxing:  6:15am, Saturday Feb 6th
    Funky:   6am, Saturday Feb 6th.

    At this stage it is our plan to immediately resume our normal timetable from Saturday.

    What happens to my membership?
    – Your membership will be FROZEN from Monday, Feb 1st until Friday, Feb 6yth.

    Now, this is a little bit tricky as the minimum period for a membership freeze is usually 7-days.  But I have raised a support call and received a positive response back that they will have a solution available.  I will be working through this tomorrow but it does mean manually updating the account of every active membership…it is going to take a while!  Please be patient.  Please also be aware that this ‘FREEZE’ has the potential to impact on your regular billing date – so please be sure to check your accounts AFTER we are back and running to make sure that your standard debits are still happening on the DAY (fortnightly) / DATE (monthly) that you prefer.

    What happens to the CHALLENGE?
    – The Challenge will be ‘pushed back’ to start from Saturday Feb 6th.  We will be reprinting the challenge sign-off sheets so that all the dates match up in your packs…these will be in the gym and available from SATURDAY!

    What else?
    – We will be providing ‘AT HOME’ workouts for you during the shutdown.  I have been working on the plans for these this afternoon and will be publishing them on both the website and social media each afternoon.

    I’m really sorry about all this everyone – to everyone who is really chasing some goals hard right now (and I know there was a big push to really ‘get after’ the challenge this year) please just stay positive…this is just a bump in the road.

    To everyone who has sent me a message of support, thanks very much – I really do appreciate it.  If we all stick together we will soon be through this!

    See you in the gym,


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