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    COVID Lockdown#2 – What we are doing/What you need to know!

    Hi Team,

    I know I am somewhat jumping the gun here since the ‘final’ go ahead has still to be given, but since I am getting a few messages come through:


    1/.  We are open from 6am tomorrow and all classes listed on the timetable will resume.

    2/.  YES – You *MUST* train in a mask.  This is MANDATORY!

    3/.  You need to either SCAN IN (using the membership system) or ‘SCAN IN’ using the SAFEWA app – not BOTH.

    4/.  The 28-Days-Later Challenge now starts TOMORROW!!  There are replacement sign-off sheets waiting in the gym for everyone – so be sure to grab yours and add it to your pack.  If you still want to sign-up, you CAN…but please send me a message so I know to create you a pack! 🙂

    5/.  7am Boxing and 7am Funky are already FULLY BOOKED – If you have missed out, select another session.  If you have been lucky enough to get a spot, please be sure to come along as other clients are already on a WAITLIST…and no, contacting us 20-minutes before really doesn’t give anyone enough time to re-arrange their life and get in…so if you are feeling sick now…cancel now.  If you are worried about getting up now…cancel NOW…I am sure you get the idea.

    By the way – and this is happening a bit – I keep getting people come in for fully booked classes saying “What do I do?”.  Um – well, book in earlier is the main advice.  But the other answer is make sure you have plan b – do some solo cardio, go upstairs and do the work-out of the week, challenge people do one of the extras.  Book into the next class…what can I say?  I expect in the future to be able to expand session limits but that probably wont be before there is a vaccine (just like classes involving equipment sharing).

    6/.  Everything else should be pretty much as is.  Still fully disinfect at the conclusion of classes etc.

    Other Questions People are asking:

    Building Capacity:

    The indoor building capacity has been set to 150 – with a maximum (even at class changeover) of 110 (2x 35 max for boxing, 2x 20 max for Funk) we are well inside the limit so please don’t stress about that.

    Body Scans:

    People trying to do Body Scans for the challenge – we don’t have the same number of staff on tomorrow that we had last week – but be patient and we will get it sorted.  The same applies to people planning to do scans throughout the week ahead.


    I am really (really) unsure on this and seeking clarification.  When I am clear, I will update this webpage! 🙂

    What Happens Next?

    Well – I am a little bit embarrassed that I was caught on the hop somewhat by this lock-down.  I am pleased with the way the team reacted and the way the online workouts went up so quickly…but I think we need to be better.  Over the next two weeks I will be putting in place a ‘Quarantine Pack’ which will define everything that will/wont happen in the event there is another lockdown – it will cover everything from membership freezes to online training (free, paid and one-on-one) and how to access each session.

    Lastly – please understand that whatever your personal views are (or for that matter whatever my personal views are) re- the lockdown, none of our opinions matter right now.  Fundamentally from a gym perspective we want to keep the doors open and we want to provide both person-to-person coaching AND training equipment to everyone who wants it.  We think that you guys want all that as well!  So let’s all just follow the rules and walk the straight and narrow path.  Complaining about the decisions made by others wont help the person in the ‘cell next door’ get through the session – so let’s all keep a positive attitude, do the right thing and be thankful we are all back training together again!

    I’ve missed you all and am really looking forward to the morning!


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