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    COVID Lockdown#2 – Round 1 @ Home – Strength Workout, Feb 5th 2021

    Today’s workout is in 4-parts:
    – Warmup – Just once through here.  Please check the video for the Dead Bugs – the run is just a 1-min ‘heart starter’.

    – Strength #1 – Upper Body today and 5x rounds.  Try to split the Kneeling position between legs as you go through the sets. HEX Press?  If you have DB’s or KB’s – easy peasy…if you are using a block or bag (like me) then check the video for the ‘how too’.

    – Strength #2 – Upper body block continues – Floor press or Bench press depending on the gear you have.  If you are using a bar, no problem with doing those tri extensions laying down (even French press style would work).

    – Workout last – Similar format to what we did on Wednesday with a 12-minute target time.  Nothing too complicated here, but – just like Wednesday – it will all feel ‘heavy and hard’ after a few minutes.  Really push hard on the “GASSERS” – it is supposed to be a SPRINT (as fast as you CAN!).

    Around 35-40 minutes work all up.  Good Luck!

    Here’s the video:

    See you in the gym!



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