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    COVID Lockdown#2 – Round 1 @ Home – Strength Workout, Feb 4th 2021

    Today’s workout is in 4-parts:
    – Warmup – Straightforward stuff here.  Be sure to keep yourself upright on those Static Squat holds as we have overhead squats in the strength workout.

    – Strength #1 – Back to the Lower Body today – and a real focus on ‘timing’.  Don’t rush the 1+1/2 squats – get good depth and try to keep a steady pace.

    – Strength #2 – Standard lower body primal circuit – today using the back rack to get it done.  Really challenge yourself here guys – if the weight touches the ground before you finish the entire set (squats, step-ups AND lunges) start again from the top.  We’re in lock-down, not lazy-town!

    – Workout last – Similar format to Tuesday with the 30-secs on/30-secs rest.  Really push hard and try to achieve a consistent number of reps each round.

    Around 35-40 minutes work all up.  Good Luck!

    Here’s the video:

    See you in the gym!



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