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    COVID Lockdown#2 – Round 1 @ Home – Strength Workout, Feb 3rd 2021

    Today’s workout is in 4-parts:
    – Warmup – Pretty straight forward today, but as always check the video if you have any concerns.

    – Strength #1 is upper body – in fact the whole day has an upper focus after yesterdays Sumo Deadlifts and Bulgarians.  This is all about the Press – superset with Pull-ups (2 second hold) and (everyone’s favourite) Dynamic Rebound Pushups.

    – Strength #2 – Gun show time.  Banded Floor press.  If you don’t have a band, try (as the video says) to do single arm press rather than a standard floor press – usual story though as in lockdown we’ve got what we’ve got!  Superset with some dips.

    – Workout last – still a fair bit of upper body in here (including some pretty gross ground to overheads) but the split jumps give a nice cardio smash.

    Around 35-40 minutes work all up.  Good Luck!

    Here’s the video:

    See you in the gym!



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