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    COVID 19 Response

    Hi Team,

    This is a little bit of a different blog as I just want to quickly ‘cover off’ what is happening with coronavirus (COVID 19) and the gym.

    First off – and this part is REALLY ‘obvious’ – if you have any flu-like symptoms please don’t come in.  Take a couple of days out and chill.  There is no point adding to the panic by spreading germs…yes, it is UNLIKELY to be COVID 19…but what if it is?  The virus is is spread through droplets (ie through sneezing or coughing) so being in the same ‘area’ as other people will most likely lead to them being infected as well!

    Secondly – and this is ALSO kind of ‘obvious’ – if you have been away travelling at one of the CONVID 19 ‘hot spots’ then, well – don’t be stupid and just stay away post trip.  If you have just got back from Italy (for example), maybe put yourself in a self-imposed quarantine for 10-14 days post trip just to be on the safe side…there is certainly nothing to be gained by coming to the gym for a week and then later discovering you had been carrying the virus – but displaying none of the symptoms – all along.

    Lastly – and perhaps most importantly – we have a bit of a disinfecting plan ‘in place’ BUT for this to work we are going to need your help.  Here’s what I propose:

    1/.  At the end of each class, the trainers will get a big container of disinfectant spray bottles AND a roll of wipes.

    2/.  We will need ‘all hands on deck’ for 2-3 minutes to grab a wipe and clean down a couple of bikes/bags/barbells/wall balls whatever.

    3/.  All of the wipes go in the trash – we stretch together and head home.

    Now – I know this is a bit of an impost given that you guys are all paying your money etc, but it is simply not realistic to think that one trainer can clean a gym full of gear in the 5-minutes between classes.  I hope that everyone understands that it will only be 2-3 minutes of effort (team work makes the dream work!) if we all pull together and we would be working together to prevent one another (and more importantly, each of our families which no doubt includes people in the ‘vulnerable’ categories for this virus) from getting sick.

    Third, we have (for a long time now) had the hand sanitiser available in the kitchen area behind the main reception area.  In response to this issue, we have ordered TWO (2) additional units for hand sanitisation – one on the wall as you walk into the strength gym (near the water cooler) and one on the wall as you exit the main gym area moving towards the reception area.

    Is any of this ‘enough’?  Well, I don’t really know.  But given the limited ‘tangible’ information available to us right now, I think it is the best short term response we can put together.

    In short:

    1/.  Don’t come in if you are sick.

    2/.  Don’t come in if you have travelled overseas or been otherwise exposed to infection.

    3/.  Let’s all get involved in post-class disinfecting for 2-3 minutes.

    4/.  Hand sanitiser is available for you to use.

    That’s it.

    See you in the gym – let’s all help look out for each other!


    p.s.  There have been questions coming through about whether or not we will have to close, what will happen etc etc etc.  I don’t know the answer to any of these questions…as soon as I do, I will 100% be letting everyone know.


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