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    Christmas Opening Hours – 2020

    Hi Team

    Just a quick post covering off our proposed Christmas Opening Hours for the 2020 Festive Season.

    We have tried to strike a bit of a balance between enabling people who want to train the opportunity to train each day…whilst also allowing staff to get a bit of down-time from what is a 7-day-per-week job throughout the rest of the year.


    – Closed on both Christmas Day and New Years Day.

    – Morning classes (later than usual start time) between Christmas and New Year.

    – A couple of ‘early finishes’ during the week immediately before Christmas and immediately post NY.

    – All hours ‘as normal’ pre- Friday December 18th and again from Friday January 8th.

    I know these changes will undoubtedly leave a few people without their ‘favourite’ class/time combo over these two weeks but like to think we have found a compromise that will be suitable for most people.


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