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    Challenge Love Letter #5

    Hey Team,

    Love letter to the Challenge #5 is in the books!  Somehow I have written 5x blogs in 5x days and whilst that probably isn’t particularly impressive I am pretty pleased to have managed it!

    So far we have had:

    Sunday – Reason 1 – Food Habits ‘RESET’

    Monday – Reason 2 – Extra workouts

    Tuesday – Reason 3 – ‘No Excuses’

    Wednesday – Reason 4 – ‘Because you can feel the support of those around you’

    Today is THURSDAY.  The last day.  And the day for the 100% BEST REASON.  I love the challenge because it WORKS.

    I mean, we have collected tonnes (and tonnes) of data and we know it works.  If you follow the rules, watch your food quantities and work hard in the gym, you WILL get a good result.  Maybe not quite the result you are dreaming ofwhat you are dreaming of, but…

    Why does it work?

    There is a DEFINED START and END!

    Having a specific end date is huge for motivation.  You know when you need to get your act together.  You know WHEN the end point is.  You know EXACTLY what to do…everything is laid out for you.  There are no non-specific, airy-fairy training hard/eating well until the end of time type mandates.  It is 30-days.  Easy to digest, easy to manage…and ultimately, EASY to do.

    Because you have a PLAN, you don’t need to *THINK* about the outcomes.

    The story is always that if you want to accomplish ‘something’, be specific. But that’s hard in the gym.  You want to lose 3kgs…but you also want to get ‘better’ on the bike, see your abs, do a pull-up etc etc.  The challenge IS its own plan…its own goal.  It washes everything away and just lets you get on with the doing.

    There is a CLEAR measurement system

    What gets measured gets managed…RIGHT?  Well, you do a full scan so it is pretty clear at the end of the month whether you have gained muscle, lost muscle, gained fat, lost fat…it’s all there.  A lot of the time we all – yep, even those of us who can jump on that scanner any time we like! – would rather stay in the dark about our true weight/fitness level/other measurables.  BUT.  It is just so so gratifying at the end of the challenge to be able to look back and see the progress that has been made – even if you haven’t got the result you wanted from the scales, oftentimes your visceral fat has dropped, or body fat % has come down, or muscle has gone up…

    You have a CLEAR “Road Map” to success

    “Normal Gym” me?  Go to the gym.  Train.  Outside of that?  Well, I’m kind of on my own!  “Challenge Gym” me?  Do these classes, these extras, eat this food, (and, new for this year!) do this recovery.  It is EASY.  Just follow the plan.  No thinking, no questions, no worries – which all leads to less EXCUSES and more action.  The challenges always address exercise and nutrition (and now recovery!) which are – outside of sleep and stress management the KEY DRIVERS to being successful.


    The reality is we need as much help as we can get to do ‘THIS’!.  That is why the challenge helps so much – you have team-mates…without wanting to reprise the blog of yesterday (all about support), things like the Facebook group for the challenge really do help.

    The challenge just helps build connections to others and the gym community…and that all helps you get in the gym and stay on track.  Even better?  Sign up WITH a friend and do it together-together (in other words, the community is great/amazing/incredible but even better is if you aren’t soley dependent on ‘the kindness of strangers….’ – bonus points if you can name the character who said that!).

    Again – I don’t want to turn this into a sales letter, but, if you have questions about the challenge you will probably find them answered here:

    And if you want to sign-up, well, you do that here:

    Summer Slam Portal



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