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    Challenge Love Letter #3

    Hey Team,

    Well – here goes.  3 blogs in 3 days and 3x reasons why I LOVE these challenges.  So far we have had:

    Sunday – Reason 1 – Food Habits ‘RESET’

    Monday – Reason 2 – Extra workouts

    Tuesday – Reason 3 – ‘No Excuses’ (Hey…that’s today!)

    So these blogs are supposed to be ‘love letters’ to the challenge…as in, why I love the challenges.  And this one is going to sound a bit, well, odd.  But I love the challenges because they have a way of wiping all of my excuses away.


    What do I mean by that?

    Well.  There are times (for everyone) when life gets in the way.  When ‘something’ gets in the way of my routine and I am just unable to get a session done.  But the challenges wash all of this noise away.

    Can’t do Thursday?  Well, you simply HAVE to figure out how to do Friday…or maybe you need to do both Saturday AND Sunday.  Either way, the days keep ticking away and those THREE sessions (and the extras) need to be done every week…and every week I will keep finding a way.  There have been days in past challenges that consist of a class and TWO of the extras because it was ‘Now or Never’…funnily enough, when the challenge is running it always ends up being ‘NOW’…the rest of the time?  Well, maybe the class would get finished…maybe…

    Now – I don’t know exactly what it is about having a piece of paper in your gym bag (well, in recent years it is a file stuffed full of information, recipes, goal setting sheets AND a piece of paper to get signed!) that makes getting classes finished/extras complete/food rules ticked off seem so IMPORTANT?  In any case, the challenge DOES make stuff feel more important somehow – it makes you feel committed and it gives a real PURPOSE to you training.

    So there you go.  Reason number#3 I love the challenges is that it washes excuses away and I always just find a way to get my training done no matter WHAT!

    Now – as I have been saying, I DONT want to turn these blogs into a ‘Challenge Sales Pitch’.  BUT.  If you ARE interested in reading more or signing up, well:

    Click THIS link for questions/more info:

    And click this one to sign-up:

    Summer Slam Portal


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