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    Challenge Love Letter #4

    Hey Team,

    Love letter to the Challenge #4 is in the books!

    So far we have had:

    Sunday – Reason 1 – Food Habits ‘RESET’

    Monday – Reason 2 – Extra workouts

    Tuesday – Reason 3 – ‘No Excuses’

    Today is Wednesday and the topic is:

    “I love the challenge ‘cos support matters…and when you do the challenge you can FEEL the support!”

    Sometimes we all get into a bit of a routine in the gym.  We show up at the same time each day, chat to the same people (often when we *should* be, you know, like ‘training’!) and kind of go through the motions.  But the challenge gives a focus to everything we do.  And because all of our training buddies are ‘in it with us’, it really does create a bit of a “we’re all in it together” type feeling.

    Now there is no denying that getting through the challenge is HARD.  But the continuous conversations you have with everyone, all of the ‘Do you want to meet up before class tomorrow to do one of the extras’ and the ‘Did you try the pancakes yet?  I couldn’t get the mixture to thicken…what did you do??’ type chats – all of that really helps you get to the end.  And more than that – those conversations help you get AMAZING results because you don’t have those moments when you feel you are on the ‘bottom’ of the pile and you are the only one suffering through the tiredness, headaches and sore muscles and ‘all for what’!

    I always love the banter when I am both signing sheets/getting my own sheet signed after class.  All of the ‘how many have you done?  That is AMAZING!!’ conversations I overhear.  It is such a great time to be training at the gym because it just feels that everyone – your ‘regular’ gym buddies AND those people you hardly know (yet) – are all pulling for you to succeed.

    I guess you could say that the challenges really help us build the community at the gym.  They help give everyone a common purpose (finishing the classes, sticking to the rules) and bring everyone closer together.

    So there you have it.  Reason#4 I love the challenge – for the support I feel from the gym community when I am doing it!

    Now – I don’t want to turn this into a sales letter, but, if you have questions about the challenge you will probably find them answered here:

    And if you want to sign-up, well, you do that here:

    Summer Slam Portal



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