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    Challenge Love Letter #2

    Hey Team,

    As I said in Sunday’s blog, this week I am going to write a love letter to the Summer Slam detailing one of the reasons that makes our R1 challenges GREAT.  Today is love-letter#2 – ‘The challenge MAKES me do extra stuff!’

    As most people reading this would know, when I come to the gym I do a class.  That’s what I do.  Now, it might be a Boxing Class or a Body work class.  It might be a Tanks (now Funky Fit) or a No Rules class.  I actually don’t really care WHAT exactly I am doing, but I very much need to be told exactly what to do AND be alongside a few other people in order to ‘Get it Done’.  By myself?  Well, my effort tends to wax and wane and there are a lot of “was it really supposed to be 5x set’s cos 4x sets really feels like enough….” sort of conversations going on in my head.

    Now – this is not necessarily a bad thing.  After all, I happen to know somewhere that runs a heap of group classes and most days I can find a way to do one of them.  So…no big deal.  But also a big deal.  Because the classes pretty much go for the exact same amount of time every day.  Great for planning a timetable.  Not so great for constantly varied and therefore constantly challenging training.  Which is where the ‘Challenge Extras’ come in.

    Now – before I go any further let me say that the challenge extras are a pain in my arse.  First off, it is a pain in the arse to create them and it is a pain in the arse to ‘test’ them and it is a pain in the arse to video them and a pain in the arse to upload all the videos, manage the links etc.  But most of all, it is a pain DOING them.  It always feels like every week during the challenge I have this little ‘extra’ black cloud hanging over my head called ‘The Extras’ that I need to find the time to do.  And not only that, it feels that every time I get ready to start, I have to have the big ‘internal’ discussion about how ‘hard’ to go, whether to try and beat my time from the week before, whether to increase the weights etc.  In other words, more time at the gym feeling nervous and uncomfortable.

    Which is 100% G-R-E-A-T.

    To me, the EXTRAS make the challenge.  They are that little EXTRA push that is the driver for your results.  They are quite literally the icing on the cake…’cos they are EXTRA as in MORE than you usually do…and after 30-days, the EXTRAS make the difference!

    So there you go.  I love the challenge because it makes me do extra stuff that I wouldn’t normally do!

    Now – I don’t want to turn this into a sales letter, but, if you have questions about the challenge you will probably find them answered here:

    And if you want to sign-up, well, you do that here:

    Summer Slam Portal



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