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    Challenge Love Letter #1

    Hey Team,

    Welcome to another week and another BLOG!  I try not to miss TOO many (though I missed one a couple of weeks back due to my quick over-n-back trip to Sydney)…and whilst I am (obviously) not missing today, what I am doing today (and for the rest of the week) is taking a slightly different approach.

    What I am going to do every day is blog about ONE part of the Summer Slam challenge that I think makes the challenges GREAT.  Now, clearly I think they are great.  I don’t spend a couple of hundred hours twice every year hunched over a keyboard/parading in front of a tripod for the ‘fun’ of it.  Though when people get great outcomes I 100% think that is fun.

    I do it because the challenges work in terms of getting people results.  But there is more too it than that.  They work in terms of teaching us all things about ourselves, about what we are capable of (more on this in a second) and in helping us establish habits that are long lasting.  What I mean by that is even if you don’t “knock it out of the park” in terms of your results in the challenge, if you learn just ONE THING (maybe how to avoid some ‘incidental sugar’ or how to squeeze in work-out#3 in an otherwise chaotic working week) then your REAL results extend well beyond the month…they multiply forever.

    And when I say ‘what we are capable of’, I don’t mean that in a fluffy ‘this is the hardest thing you will ever do and just getting to the end is amazing way…I mean it in a get out of your comfort zone and do something that you KNOW is going to be hard.  For some people, the challenge is getting in and actually cooking some ‘real’ food.  For others, it is doing the ‘workout extras’ every week that seem intense and hard and “do I really need to do them anyway”…and it is keeping on going for 31-days.

    Anyway, here is my love-letter to the challenge #1!

    Food Habits


    I love the challenge because it is the ‘great food habits reset’ that I need.


    What happens in my house/life is that I eat amazingly well during the Feb challenge.  I tend to use my 2x cheat days and stick TIGHT to the rules outside of that…and then the challenge ends and not too much changes.  I still stick to the rules pretty much 24×7 for a couple of weeks – and then it happens.

    It will be a Tuesday night.  It will have been a long day featuring a 4am alarm and 5am start…and I will finally roll in to home from work/footy around 9pm.  I will eat.  And I will sit.  And ‘someone’ will ask me ‘Do you feel like some chocolate?’.

    Then a couple of days later – say Friday – I will get home from another long day.  And there will be cold beer in the fridge…and I will say ‘Does anyone feel like a drink?’

    Now none of this is bad in isolation.  A bit of chocolate on Tuesday and a beer on a Friday?  Like, so what man!  And I’m with you.  But for me unfortunately, once is just the start.  It’s not like I will be drinking every night…but 2-3 nights most weeks I will.  And chocolate after dinner, again, it wont be every night, but…

    The challenge tidies all of that up.  All of it.  It wipes the slate clean, it tidies up around the edges and gets me 100% back on track.  And yes, I’m sure it is ‘only temporary’, but you would be amazed how long that ‘good habits hold’.  And I am consistently amazed at how much better I train/feel when I am walking the straight and narrow path!

    So there you go.  I love the challenge because it tidies up my food habits!

    Now – I don’t want to turn this into a sales letter, but, if you have questions about the challenge you will probably find them answered here:

    And if you want to sign-up to participate, well, you do that here:

    Summer Slam Portal


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