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    I was in a Funky Fit class last week with Leon as the Coach and I noticed Double Unders in the Metcon.  I normally avoid them as much as I can, but this day  I decided I was going to give them ago.

    My double unders attempt looked  a bit like this,  a few single skips and a whip and another whip on each double attempt.  This went on for a few rounds. Then by the third round I achieved a double under, YES  it was only 1 but it was more than I had yesterday, and I celebrated it like Lleyton Hewitt hitting an ace on a serve. COME ON!!!

    This moment got me thinking about celebrating your wins. Something I hear often from members is that was a really hard class. The structure of the classes at Round 1 Fitness allows them to be as hard as you want them to be. In the boxing classes I find myself pushing the boundaries and the sense of this is hard and can be overwhelming. It is GO…GO…GO… which means sometimes taking the opportunity to celebrate our wins passes us by.

    The fact that the classes feel hard should be a celebration in its own right that you have achieved. This does not mean your unfit, it actually means you are getting fitter, stronger and healthier overall.

    Here are a few ways to think about setting up some goals for yourself which will allow you to acknowledge and “Celebrate your own Wins”. They can be any goals that you like, eg.. they can be with body composition, fitness goals, how much weight lifted, how long a Bin Run takes, anything really.



    When you walk into the gym – the work out is written up on the board. This provides you with an opportunity to set a goal – 1. Choose a weight that will challenge you, 2. Set your cardio targets in your head early, 3Pick someone to race against, 4. If the board says 3 rounds, do your best to hit 3 rounds, 5.Keep your hands up and elbows tucked for the 8-10 minutes of boxing.


    We have this amazing tool called SugarWOD which allows you to track your progress and will remind you of how far you’ve come in achieving a fitter, stronger and healthier body. Record all the small wins using this tool – simply seeing them written down can even be a reward in itself.  For example last year one of our clients took her deadlift from 40kgs to 90kgs.  Imagine how amazing she felt seeing that change.



    Try and reflect on your workouts differently, When you have finished your session,  instead of thinking “that was so hard” think about “I hit my calories and I used an blue kettlebell for the first time.”

    We all start somewhere with our fitness and sometimes we do become complacent or we sit in our comfort zones. Next time your in the gym maybe think about what your goal is going to be for the day and celebrate your wins.

    Even though the class is hard you are getting fitter, faster and stronger.

    Have a great week and I look forward to seeing you in the gym soon!

    Coach Corey



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