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    Celebrate ‘The MIDDLE’

    Welcome to another week!

    I am sitting at my desk writing this after a chaotic morning of sessions – what is it about Public Holidays that brings EVERYONE to the gym (can you believe some places don’t even open???)…anyway, I thought the classes were awesome and really appreciated everyone getting along to show their support.

    Before I start with this week’s blog, I just wanted to put out a little bit of (sad for me) timetable news.  The Functional Fitness classes scheduled for 10am on Tues/Thurs have been canned for the time being.  It is a bit frustrating to do this – but average attendance has only been 3x people which makes it really hard to justify…I don’t exactly understand how we can reliably get 30x people at 9:15am but struggle to get attendees for 10am, but that’s life.  We’ll give it a miss for now and revisit this time-slot later in the year.

    The Tuesday 4pm Functional Fitness session is also on life support.  Again, 4pm Boxing is pretty much always packed – if you want to get into a bit more S+C type training then please do support the class…I would like it to expand beyond one-day per week, but it is really hard to do that if we can’t make the ‘one day’ work!  So if you want to do the class, rather than take the ‘when I can do it every day I will do it’ approach, please take the “Let’s have a go” approach and you will find that as demand is there, we WILL expand it…

    Right.  (Write?).  Today I want to talk about ‘The Middle’.  As in, the middle of a journey – or the middle of a task – or the middle of ANYTHING.  I have been dwelling a lot on this subject lately because it seems that everyone is super keen to celebrate the BEGINNING of something…and then again at the END…but there is never any love for the ‘MIDDLE’ and that is where all the work is done.

    If I start with a footy analogy, it seems to me that everyone is super excited when the season starts…and then again around finals time everyone gets interested.  But what happens in between those moments really decides who is going to be successful (however that is defined…but let’s not debate that here).

    If I then take that and apply it to the gym, it so often feels that a BIG DEAL is made about people who are ‘Getting Started’.  And don’t get me wrong – for those people out there making a change and looking to improve their life, we should all be celebrating their efforts.  But after a few months (years?) of grinding away, do they really get the acknowledgement they deserve for simply putting one foot in front of the other and keeping on going?  It is so much easier to just sit on the couch, watch bad tv shows and warm your feet by the fire than it is to get out of the house and get to the gym (or go for a run, or a swim, or play a game of basketball or generally do whatever it is that you do!).

    The MIDDLE is the bit that counts.  Starting is easy.  Well, hard – because it is unfamiliar, puts you out of your comfort zone etc – but EASY…because you only HAVE to do it once.  Ummm – hang on.  Most people have to START more than once….’cos the MIDDLE is so bloody hard.  The MIDDLE is the grind.  The MIDDLE is 5am alarms not for 6-weeks…but for 6 YEARS.  The MIDDLE is going to the gym STRAIGHT after work – not going home first…not until the City to Surf is on – but 12-months of the year (and then over again).  The ‘MIDDLE’ is where the work lies.  The ‘MIDDLE’ is what we should all be aspiring too – and what we should all be celebrating.  The ‘MIDDLE’ is the bit between the time we start and the time we are done…no ‘quitting’ allowed!  The ‘MIDDLE’ is where you bounce the good off the bad, the sore knee days off the feeling GREAT days, the “I’m getting a cold” days off the “Wow, a sunny day, I feel great after my workout” days, the “I don’t know anyone here” days off the ‘How much fun training with all my friends’ days…The MIDDLE is the bit where you just keep going despite a few setbacks, short-term misgivings and loss of ‘motivation’.  The ‘MIDDLE’ is where the race is won!

    Anyway, it’s June now.  The MIDDLE of the year.  It really is time to look back and celebrate everything you have done to this point…and look forward with a bit of excitement (and a bit of trepidation) about everything still to come.

    See you in the gym,





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