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    Boxing – Programming Overview for November 2020

    Hi Team,

    October was a whirlwind of a month, as we continued to build more structure into our classes…as well as a bit more ‘OLD SCHOOL’ Round 1.   There was certainly a big change of emphasis as we did a heap of upper body pressing – vertically as well as horizontally, unilaterally…strict reps, dynamic reps, tempo (instructor call or otherwise).  We pressed with DBs, KB’s and barbells…and I wanted to add in some hand-stand push-ups but, well, you know – people already hate me enough!   Anyway, the sum of it all was we each had a great opportunity to develop upper-body strength and power in our boxing sessions.

    In November, we are rolling back from upper to lower as we focus on hip hinges (some controlled movements including deadlifts, good-mornings…AND some more dynamic movements like snatches, cleans and squat cleans).  we are giving our upper body focus a break to dive back into the lower body with a hinge focus!  The plan is also to do a heap of variety – Single Arm, to Single Leg, to walking, and rotating.

    Why are we doing this?  Well, Hip Hinge movements help us develop strength in our midline (everything from our necks down to our hips), as well as control from one side of the body to the other (which kind of means your core!!). Hinging dynamically with KB Swings, Snatch and Clean movements (as well as  Up-Downs, Burpees and such!) **should** have us using the control we develop using our deadlift and really add some dynamics (aka power!!).

    Get excited about all of these hinge patterns this month…and get excited for all of the booty gains that go along with it!

    See you in the gym,



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