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    Boxing for Fitness: Programming Summary for October 2020

    Hey Team,

    I haven’t done this before for the Boxing for Fitness sessions and would like to know if you find it useful…of course, the ‘core’ elements of these sessions (the Boxing component and the Cardio ‘breakout’ session) will continue – this is more to provide detail on the whiteboard sections with headings such as ‘Strength’, ‘Metcon’, ‘Sweat’ etc…

    So…for the past month we have spent a lot of time and energy in developing unilateral lower body strength by performing several bazillion lunges and lunge variations!  But I’m pretty sure I don’t need to tell anyone that!  We have performed everything from traditional forward and reverse lunges to newer varieties like Bulgarian Split Squats, and everything in between…our lower bodies have gotten a strong dose of strength and intensity throughout the week!  Dumbbells/Kettlebells/Barbells or bodyweight, all of these lunges have helped us grow muscle even in places we didn’t know we had muscle to grow! Specifically with the Lunge, we saw a vast array of options in unilateral movement all with different options depending on if we were focused on strength or stamina. The goal throughout September has been to highlight the different functions of the Lunge to open your eyes to all the different ways you can use them in your daily fitness, and how it helps set you up to be fitter, stronger, and healthier in your everyday life!

    In October, we are giving the lower body a break, and focusing on pressing! There are two major directions we press in are the horizontal and vertical planes (in front of your body and over your body). We’ll see a healthy mix of the two throughout the week, balanced out with pulling to keep our shoulders, upper back, and neck healthy and strong. Pressing in both directions is crucial to maintain healthy shoulder function throughout life, and strong shoulders never looked bad on anyone! Within the different varieties of pressing movements, there are opportunities to slow it down and work on strength with a lower heart rate, and there are also times to push down on the pedal and ramp up that intensity. We’ll be getting after BOTH just like with those Lunges last month! Get excited!


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