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    Hi and Welcome to another week!

    For me, the best part about boxing workouts is that every time I train my session is different – regardless of what the ‘program’ says.  I believe that there is no activity that places the same level of concurrent demands on both your muscular (the bags provide passive resistance) and cardio-vascular system as boxing does, and further that by mixing up your punches/combinations there is no other workout that provides the constant change and variety that boxing does.

    Now, at Round 1 Fitness, we tell you what combination to use every time you get to a bag.  Why?  Because for people who aren’t sure what they are doing or who aren’t confident in themselves, being given a set combination provides certainty, direction and enables them to really get something out of the workout .  Basically, I don’t want people standing around passively because they are unsure of themselves – that is not the way to train for results.

    If you are confident in yourself – if you would like to start experimenting a bit more – then you have free license to do so from me.  When we are doing a ‘drill’ – for example ‘Continuous Hooks’ or ’20 Uppercuts – 2 Burpees’, then I want you to do the ‘drill’.  But when you are asked to do a ‘combination’ then you have free license to experiment and ad lib.

    A few guidelines:

    –          Don’t forget to mix-up your target points – all punches can directed from the waist to the head.

    –          Don’t force a combination – let the motion of the bag (your opponent) dictate what hand (and what punch) you hit with next.

    –          Always keep your hands up.

    –          Punch with intensity – effective punches are the key to effective combinations.

    A few combinations you might want to try:

    –          Left Jab – Right Cross – Left Hook

    –          Left Jab – Left Jab – Right Cross

    –          L Jab – L Hook è Body – R Hook

    –          R Cross – L Hook è Body – L Hook è Head

    –          L Jab – R Cross – L Uppercut – R Cross

    –          L Jab – R UC – L Hook

    –          L Jab – L Jab – R Hook è Body – L Hook

    There are literally thousands of combinations you can throw – so don’t be afraid to mix things up and start developing your own style.

    November Challenge Update

    I have heard a few comments about the ‘validity’ or otherwise of the times recorded on the board for the challenge, along with a few others saying ‘I am never going to beat that’.  I guess I have a couple of responses.

    1.       It is a time based challenge, not a perfect technique challenge.  I would like to think everyone is trying to execute the exercises as well as possible – I know I certainly did – and I have no reason to think that anyone on the board is ‘cheating’.  In other words, I thing the efforts as recorded are legitimate.

    2.       It is not about winning.  It is a ‘Challenge’, not a contest.  Whilst there is a reward for the winners, it really is a token – the idea of the monthly challenges is to improve your own performances across the month and improve your strength and fitness in so doing.  Winning the contest for me is going to be about getting my own time down from 08:11 to under 07:30…which I hesitate to even write down!  But that is the target I have set for myself and that is what I hope to achieve during the month – and yes, I think that if I manage to knock another 41 seconds off my time then I will probably be getting closer to losing that extra 3kgs I hope to lose before Christmas!

    Gym Update

    Anyone who ventures up the stairs will see that a new ‘wall of mirrors’ has been installed in preparation for the move of the weights equipment.  Many thanks to Trent (who is a regular participant in our 6am sessions) from Lakers Glass (0416 269 910 / for getting the work done.  I am hopeful that the new rubber flooring will arrive sometime this week – from there it will be a matter of getting the floor down and moving the gear upstairs.

    Whilst I am thanking people, thanks again to Dave Peisley from DaveAndrews Electrical (0433898525) for quickly arranging replacement and re-installation of the malfunctioning fan.

    Gym Update#2

    I know it might seem like a ‘drag’, however it really is important that all members ‘check in’ when arriving at the gym.  It only takes a moment or so to show your card (or even just say your name) and register your attendance.  From a gym and membership management perspective it means quite a bit – but it means even more from a legal perspective.

    Anyway, that is it from me for another week – See you in the gym.



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