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    Boxing Blog – ‘Body Work’ class, Christmas Raffle, Timetable changes

    Hi and welcome to another week.

    I have just finished off the class plans for the week and am pretty excited about the way the week is shaping up.  I am particularly keen on the Body Work class planned for the week (the same ‘Body Work’ class runs all week long) because it involves a couple of new exercises I haven’t used in the gym before.  For anyone who hasn’t tried one of our Body Work sessions lately, they really do give you a fantastic work-out and whilst I understand that the additional emphasis on strengthening can be off-putting to some people it is exactly that emphasis that can give your training a real boost.  So if you haven’t given a Body Work class a try – or have shied away from it after a bad experience a few months back – why not have another try this week and see how you go?

    This week my blog planner says ‘write something motivational’.  Which I have to say is not really helpful.  But here goes.  A couple of things have struck me during the past week in the gym.  The first is seeing a few people laying prone on the ground gasping for air after attempting the November Challenge.  These people – some of whom were trying the challenge for the second time and trying to improve their score – have discovered a little bit about themselves, about training with real intensity and about how hard they really CAN push themselves.  The second was being told when explaining one exercise ‘…it isn’t going to happen’.

    Now, in the second case I understand – I do – but only if the intention is to execute the exercise perfectly rather than focussing on having a go and expending as much EFFORT as possible.  Some exercises are hard (I know they are hard) and every person has things that they struggle with.  And as I am writing this I know it is ground I have covered before – that it is about trying to do the right thing and not about doing something perfectly – but that doesn’t make it any less true.

    As an example, one of the people who had their second go at the challenge is several minutes off the best time and is not going to win the contest – but they know it is about the challenge and not about the result.  On their second attempt the improvement was more than 30 seconds and the effort was incredible – and 10 minutes later plans were being made for attempt number three.  They understand that results will come from effort – and if they have a go at everything then they will reach their training goals.

    Christmas Raffle News

    The Christmas Raffle will be kicking off this week (Monday, November 15th).  For all Round 1 Fitness members, you will receive a raffle ticket upon entering the gym and will be asked to write your name on the ticket stub – and whether or not you want to be entered in the raffle for the girls bike or the guys bike (now both displayed downstairs).

    In addition, all members will also receive a ticket for each month remaining on their memberships (and yes for those cynics out there that is my incentive for you to extend your current membership beyond the current term) and if you refer a new member to us you will also receive a ticket for every month that person signs up for (and yes, for those cynics out there that is my incentive for you to get your friends and relatives to join Round 1 Fitness).

    And remember, support the people who support your gym and if you are looking at a new bike for yourself or the kids for Christmas, make sure it is an Apollo Bike (

    The raffle draw will take place on Sunday December 12th.

    Gym Update #1

    For those people who have checked the Round 1 Fitness ‘Facebook’ group (!/group.php?gid=286709439483) recently you might have seen the notes about the pending changes to our class schedule.  The complete schedule will be uploaded later this week, and the basic highlights will be:

    • All 5pm and 6pm classes now ‘Boxing for Fitness’
    • All 7pm classes now ‘Body Work’
    • ‘Round 1 Beginners’ class introduced at 8pm on Tuesday and Thursday, as well as 11am on Saturday and Sunday.  This class will be a fixed rotation – 18 x 2 minute rounds with 30 seconds rest in between – and will hopefully enable those just getting started at the gym to get an idea of what it is about, get their confidence levels up – before jumping in the deep end with the ‘normal’ classes.
    • 10am class removed from the schedule.
    • 9am class moved to have a 9:15am start.
    • ‘Intense’ class dropped from the schedule.

    Apologies to anyone who has seen their favourite class or timeslot removed or changed, however the changes have been made to try and more effectively accommodate the ‘majority’.   The timetable changes will be in effect as of Monday, November 22nd.

    Gym Update #2

    For anyone who missed the mid-week update last week, there are now some ‘bigger’ dumbbells in the gym (up to 50kgs) together with an Olympic Incline Bench-press…terrific news for those members who are supplementing their boxing with some weight-training.  What I didn’t mention was that there has been a delay in delivery of the additional rubber flooring needed to convert the upstairs area into the weights area.  I apologise for the delay, but as soon as the rubber can be delivered I will be working on installing it and relocating the equipment.

    And for anyone concerned about whether or not all the gear will ‘fit’ upstairs, I have thought of that and am happy to share the new floor plan with anyone who might be interested.

    Gym Update #3

    For anyone who hasn’t noticed, we have been trialling the use of a ‘hand-wrap roller’ in the gym for a few weeks now.  Now the design has been proved (and improved!) a few more have been put up on the walls and are available for you to use.  I thing they are a fantastic little piece of hardware and using them to re-roll my wraps has been part of my post-session cool down routine.  Thanks to one of our members – Ian Payne of Redline Marine ( for putting them together in his workshop.

    Anything else?

    On the off-chance anyone has read this far, I thought I would include the news that the first delivery of the mens range of proteins and supplements from Redbak ( should arrive in the gym this week.  Both the LadyBird (already available) and Redbak range of supplements will be stocked by Round 1 Fitness and the plan is to offer the products to members at prices as close to wholesale as I can.  Certainly if you do find the product on sale for less than I am offering it for in the gym, please feel free to challenge me on it.

    And that is about all I have for another week – see you in the gym.



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