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    Many of us come to the gym and train our butts off several times per week, every week to keep us fit and healthy, however, how many of us can say we put that much dedication into our recovery and stretching?

    I’ll admit it, I definitely should be putting way more effort into my recovery! Not just training hard, joining in the good but short stretches at the end of each session then heading home.

    I think we all forget that our recovery is just as important as our training, especially if we want to continue training the way we do without running our bodies into the ground and expecting them to pull up brand new the next day!

    Our new yoga classes are the perfect place for this! Being able to dedicate just 1 hour per week to active recovery through yoga will benefit you more than you realise!

    I know to some, yoga appears to be nothing more than long stretches on a mat, however it’s much more than just stretching!

    A Few Benefits of Yoga:

    1. Helps reduce your risk of injuries for other exercises

    2. Helps you perform better in everyday tasks; walking, sitting, lifting, twisting

    3. Can be more efficient in strengthening multiple muscle groups

    4. Improves flexibility and promotes good posture

    5. Reduces stress and improves overall mental health

    So with all that said, no matter what type of training you are doing; be it boxing or strength and conditioning…certain resting yoga postures allow the muscles to stretch and relax, therefore increasing blood flow to the worked areas of the body.

    This increase in blood flow also brings an increase in oxygen, which assists the muscles in healing and growing stronger. The breathing techniques taught in yoga can help bring more oxygen into your body and better control in the way you move from pose to pose which will help you focus more on your breathing techniques during weight training sessions.

    Coach Lauren


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