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    August 21 Survey: Is there any other feedback you would like to share? 

    Responses to Aug 21 Members Survey.

    Is there any other feedback you would like to share?  We really want to be ‘BETTER’ so please tell us what you want more of, what you want less of, what you love, what you hate…
    Open-Ended Response
    Its a boxing gym without proper boxing training.

    Response:  Well…it’s not a boxing gym and isn’t trying to be.  I get that there are a few people who want some more technical boxing work – but from the time we opened in 2010 that has NEVER been the plan.  There are 3x other boxing gyms within 10kms that offer all of the technical work you could want and can prepare you to fight…I’m going to leave that to them and instead focus on maintaining a dedicated boxing for fitness approach. 

    I actually enjoy the 30 min class structure. As I mentioned if you could do a 20 pack of classes I would be back 🙂

    Response:  We do 10x packs.  Does that count?  Seriously though, I’m not going to offer a 20-pack when 2x 10-packs would solve the same problem.

    The only thing I would like would be access to the gym between the morning & lunchtime classes, and on weekends up until early/mid afternoon.   My boyfriend Ben has started coming to one boxing session a week to help  improve his cardio fitness – he’s mentioned to me a few times that he’d quit his other gym if he could access R1 for his lifting  during the day (about 11-1 I think). So that’s two of us, but maybe not quite enough to justify being open more hours haha     Anyway, keep up the good work Mike, we certainly appreciate it & love the gym.

    Response:  I understand there’s some frustration with us closing from 10:30-12pm and again from 2pm-3:30pm.  But if you compare to the opening hours/class times at F45 (5am and 6am, CLOSE, 5pm and 6pm, CLOSE) we do OK.  Basically, the 10x hours or so we are closed each week = $400 in wages…or AUD$20K per year.  That’s a lot of money for us when you consider that PRE-COVID we would have been lucky to have 1-person attend the gym during those times most days (I did do the research before making a change).

    You guys run an exceptional gym.    Wish you had opening hours that suited my shift work.

    Response:  Thanks – we try to run sessions during the day to support shift-workers (9am, 12pm, 1pm, 3:45pm) but are obviously missing the mark. 

    More team/duo based or ‘fun’ funky workouts on weekends to switch it up would be cool.

    Response:  The Team stuff is funny – for every person who loves it, someone hates it.  We certainly have been trying to go with a ‘Super Saturday’ type theme where the functional class is a complete mix-up…at the same time, I receive complaints about this seemingly ‘unstructured’ work (and believe me, a lot of time goes into putting it together) from people as it impacts on the day before/next day of more structured training.

    I love everything about the gym. The people I train with, the trainers (prefer Mike) and it’s great for my mental health. I don’t train to be the fittest person I train because it’s good for my bones and brain. Thanks for all you guys do

    Response:  Thanks so much.

    If I could say what I want more of is….funky classes would love more concentration on the strength part. Breaking the lift down and focusing on proper form and technique ?

    Response:  Thanks for the feedback. 

    I really love the gym, since covid however I’ve just lost all motivation. I truly want to come back and I will as I love the concept and all that you have done to improve the gym Mike

    Response:  Thanks and we are here for you.

    Sometimes can get a tad annoying with a few regulars that interrupt the boxing classes while the coach is trying to host the class.
    Response:  There is always a balance between creating an environment for training and one for fun and no doubt sometimes the lines get blurry.
    Can I request a sauna hahahahahahah  Love Jess 🙂

    Response:  Certainly under consideration as part of setting up the recovery room.  Just a funding question right now.

    I like that some sessions feel like the old gym but really loving the variety.

    Response:  Thanks – a lot of effort is being put into capturing the spirit of the old gym in the new lay-out.

    More boxing, less mini sled it’s awful

    Response:  The mini-sleds are 100% awful…but they haven’t been out for a few weeks and likely wont be out for a few more.

    It is a bit irritating when people do double classes in the same cell, particularly the bike as they are in hot demand. Twice in a row rule should be imposed on those people too.

    Response:  That’s probably fair enough.

    The coaches are all great people & very supportive.  You used to have the different options of exercises available for each class depending on fitness capabilities, that seems to have disappeared. People don’t always want to go hard, surely turning up to a class & doing something is better than no going at all. The constant push to go faster, harder, heavier can get exhausting.

    Response:  I agree with this – just battling with the how in the new format.  I’m hoping to have a new solution up and running soon.  It is funny though – when the coaches don’t push they get accused of lacking enthusiasm, when they do they are ‘over the top’…it can be genuinely difficult to get the balance right.  As with everything, communication is the key and if the coach KNOWS what you are going through…

    Just again more variation in the classes please, less cardio heavy classes and more weights (and  variation in weight exercises rather than standard swings, goblet squats and lunges)

    Response:  OK.  The boxing sessions will tend to have more of a cardio emphasis than a strength emphasis – primarily because we have an entire strength gym where people can focus on that.  I have certainly been making an effort to really change things up in terms of exercise variations lately and hopefully this is something you have noticed.  Our challenge is the pre-7am classes have generally around 60-90 seconds between one ending and the next one going – so pre- class demos are a real challenge…perhaps we need to start changing exercises post 7am?

    I have really enjoyed the change to individual cells and have found this has increased the difficulty of sessions. Even though the overall time has decreased there is less change over time, resulting in a better workout.   Varying it up with team and partner sessions has also been good.

    Response:  Thanks – I like it too.  Though I do think back longingly to the slow walk from one station to another when I could have a drink and poke fun at my fellow class participants.

    Thank you for not making me feel stupid when I struggle with doing certain exercises

    Response:  Well, I struggle too…so no trouble (and don’t feel bad – we’re all on our own path).

    Nope! Love to get pushed and challenged!
    mobility classes, or yoga.  Nutritional info

    Response:  OK – so we do a lot of this for our new starters now and are trying to establish a bit more of a pathway for people who want nutritional info.  The idea of Yoga is a good one but finding reliable instructors is seemingly beyond me right now…too much ‘ummm-mmm-mmm’ and not enough ‘get it done’ (or show up and work my shift) I’m afraid.

    I know that the chances of bringing back the old style boxing classes are pretty slim but if you did, I’d be one very happy member!

    Response:  I think we kind of have with the exception of moving around.  As we come out of COVID the main additions will be:
    – More small group challenges using things like the power-ropes.
    – Using multiple pieces of cardio in a class (aka equipment sharing).
    – Using multiple implements in a class (barbell AND kettlebell)…I am doing more of this already and haven’t to this point because lugging it around just felt like it would be a pain in the arse!

    Members booking into a Saturday class and not actually doing the class but hogging a cell and various other equipment doing their own workout – bookings should be a placeholder for class training only not just a “spot”.  Or else you’re doing a class and someone comes into your cell and begins doing pull ups and flips dangerously close to where you’re lifting. As I am doing the class and lifting weights my safety and precedence should come first especially if there is room else where to complete these movements. Members who are actually doing the class should not alter or cater for those who are not doing the class it’s a bit rude and dangerous in my opinion.     personal hygiene – with some members the stench of BO before class even starts it’s quite gross.

    Response:  There’s a bit to unpack here.  I did ask on facebook for this member to reach out without success.  Agree with the second part (safety), sort of agree with the first part (booking in without doing a class) but would ask what you would have the person do…As for the BO point…well, gross, use deodorant – we all need to do that.

    keep doing what you’re doing, keep trying new things, some will work, some won’t.. that’s part of the journey….  Sorry I can’t be more helpful on this one.   oh one thing… I get frustrated when I get a spray bottle that doesn’t work well ha ha.

    Response:  Thanks – and yeah, gotta keep trying stuff.

    It will be good to have access in the gym 1 hour before the 3.45pm session so can train before the class start.

    Response:  I answered a version of this before – basically it’s AUD$20k per year for maybe 1x person to come in…

    Obviously I love the gym otherwise I wouldn’t go!

    Response:  Thanks.

    I really enjoy the variety of the boxing classes and the mix they give between cardio, weights etc.  They provide a good point of difference to things I do separate to the gym.    Don’t have much to criticise, maybe the only thing is more routinely kicking people off the bikes that don’t seem to realise there are other machines available but that’s about it!

    Response:  Hopefully the new ping-pong ball system will be in use soon.  I have to admit, I don’t get the obsession with the bikes.  They are the easiest cardio and I really don’t understand using them more than once every few weeks…the skis are harder, the versa is hard, the SPARC’s are harder, the rowers are harder.  Depending on the class I don’t like to row as it takes me too long to get on and off but Ski-SPARC-Versa are on/off in two seconds and the benefits are amazing.

    It’s really a great place to train. However my feedback would be- More weight based exercises in boxing classes. Ability to use a variety of equipment, boxing bags, weights etc.

    Response:  Yeah – since the change to the cell-based stuff that makes it hard.  Certainly I change between bags and cardio as often as I can (every day) and that keeps it good for me.  With the strength stuff, I’m starting to program more ‘multiple’ equipment days – the reason I haven’t to this point is that I figured it was too annoying getting multiple pieces before a session!

    Only thing I could mention is if we could have a week ahead plan of the functional classes (ie tuesday front squats, friday bench press etc). Just would help planning out the week better especially with playing sport.

    Response:  Like the one we post on social media every Sunday night?  

    Someone made a comment to me that “the gym is great, but they aren’t really very friendly”. I didn’t think about that much until it was pointed out, but tend to agree. Perhaps a bit more attention from the coach?  Can sometimes feel a bit invisible.

    Response:  This is actually disappointing to hear – I wish you had left your name.  The coaches should know and call you by your name…and should be connecting with you during classes.

    Occasionally the functional fitness programs may seem repetitive but understand that it’s all from a program that’s been purchased.  Would love to see some old no rules classes being implemented again once in a while

    Response:  We use the program for the ‘bones’ but these days the majority of it is fleshed out on-site.  It’s a Strength and Conditioning program so it will – by it’s very nature – be repetitious.  If we are in a back squat cycle, we will back-squat once or twice most weeks…likewise the other core lifts…I mean, these definitely run on a cycle.  But with the accessory work and metcons we are having a pretty big say in them…
    You will find a pretty large % of the recent Saturday workouts are effectively slightly modified versions of old No Rules classes.  We have been really focussed on making sure that all of the ‘old’ Round 1 ‘stuff’ – from the PA Metabolic Circuit to the various upper and lower primals are all part of the programming in Funky…basically, I don’t necessarily disagree with your feedback based on the period of November 2018 (when it opened) to, say, March 2021 but we are certainly having a real input now. 

    Why didn’t we from the ‘get go’?  Well – we wanted to try and provide a best of breed S+C program…so we went out and sourced one/used it from top to bottom.  In recent times and due to the improved communication streams with the provider of our current ‘CORE’ S&C program we have the opportunity to add extras/make changes whilst ensuring the integrity of the overall solution.

    See question 4. Great to see the sled being used more often.  I haven’t done a ‘bike race’ in a long time so not sure if they’re the same set up post COVID but I used to feel like I was ‘missing out’ on other aspects of the class and couldn’t give my full attention while looking out for my turn.

    Response:  Yeah – some people love the group challenges and extras…some hate them.  I certainly get what you are saying with regards the bike challenges – my only comment is that because the challenge bike/group of users are all ‘together’ in the new world order it is a little easier to know it is your turn and takes less time moving around the gym to get on/off…which is a bad thing ‘cos there isn’t much rest.

    Would love the 9.15am class to start at 9am instead

    Response:  Yeah.  Back in the day we always started this class at 9:15am as there were untold complaints about people being unable to get to the gym in time for a 9am start after school drop-off.

    Personally I feel when I come to a gym class, I would like it to be fun/motivational/encouraging I. A positive way. Not being punished for the sake of it.. I went to another gym recently and it was a buzz! So much energy and encouragement amongst the gym goers made me push myself so much more. . It started from the get go from the instructor/coach was such a great start to the day.   Positives are it’s such a great gym with amazing equipment, close to home that is also really affordable. A great location /community gym.

    Response:  It’s really disappointing to read this (but glad your other gym is doing a great job).  ‘Punishments’ (such as they are) are genuinely supposed to be part of the fun and banter…if they are just ‘because’ then there is no fun in that.  All of the coaches have discussed this comment together as an aside.

    Nothing it seems perfect to me as it suits my life. I love the encouragement in every class and that I can bring my kids

    Response:  Awesome.

    I love round one – love that each class is different, that there is multiple classes / broad timetable, and the different use of equipment each class. Love all the trainers – they are all super friendly and motivating in each class !

    Response:  Thanks.

    More of – Team games, (musical med balls)fun stuff –  train the trainer

    Response:  Train the Trainer?  LOL – you guys don’t have the imagination to do that!   As for the team games, well…some love them, some hate them.  I wish we could hit the right note here but it feels like every time we run what is supposed to be a ‘fun’ little challenge, my mailbox cops some complaints about ‘here to train, stupid games, dumb etc’.

    If I’m honest, I liked the ‘old’ gym ‘better’. I enjoyed the longer classes. But completely understand that the ‘new’ gym was/is necessary.     I attend less classes because of the need to book. If I could just wake up and turn up, I would. I’ve cancelled MANY 6 am classes at 11 pm the night before because I wasn’t sure I’d be able to get up. But have then woken up in time to go. I don’t want to risk turning up and then not getting a spot in the class.     Also, please consider allowing beginner bikes to be used by ‘non-beginners’ if they aren’t being used when the class starts.

    Response:  You can just turn up.  You simply need to book in at the desk which takes 2.3 seconds (I even put up a how-to video on FB last week.  .  With the Beginners bikes, I get it.  BUT doing this creates its own problem – primarily it means the last people in end up getting them – and THEN those who ‘missed out on bikes’ who arrived earlier are aggrieved…as I have already mentioned, hopefully the soon to come ping-pong ball system will help with all of the angst around cardio gear.  Maybe a reserve system for the Beginner bikes based on when you arrive at the gym?  I don’t want to move the current issue (no beginner bikes) to another where some people get resentful because late-comers get first access to them.

    Can’t think of anything at the moment.

    Response:  If you do, email me –

    Very happy!

    Response:  Awesome.

    Like that the classes are intense but short

    Response:  Me too!

    I guess I’m used to the current format. I do miss how the coaches had a turn of programming and you got a a taste of different styles/focuses. But I’m seeing that more anyway with the “board is a loose guide”. Really don’t like the hidden extras coach counting can have – I can go through it (pace/challenge myself) if I know up front, eg 5, 4, 3, 3 3 , 2, 1, 1, 1, 1, yeah not a fan. Oh I miss when we got to go on different cardios in one class. Miss also (can’t believe I’ll admit this) stuff that I think the current layout makes difficult- wall balls, fire crackers, ninja rolls, using shields more often… etc

    Response:  To be fair, if you can go through the counting stuff yourself, why does it matter who counts?  I miss the ability to use different cardios as well…we have been doing this ‘a bit’ lately and hopefully as the vaccine rolls out will be doing it more.  Once we get the new balls, they will be back on the agenda…

    I love everything about Round one. It is managed so well and all the members and staff are incredibly supportive and fun.

    Response:  Managed well?  Lol…have you seen the responses to this survey!  As for everything else, well, thanks.

    Healthly focused cafe onsite for pre/post workout snacks?!?!

    Response:  Send your business plan to –

    Once it is possible (COVID not being a threat anymore) I would like for the classes to return to the old format where you can train using different cardio equipments and rotate through stations ! That was lots of fun! 🙂

    Response:  I’m not sure we will be rotating through the stations again but I am pretty confident we will be using different cardio options in a single class.

    Love it all! Great gym

    Response:  Thanks.

    Love workout times.

    Response:  Awesome…I would prefer we started later (a lot later) and closed earlier (a lot earlier) but apparently that is bad for everyone but me!

    I love it just the way it is! Except burpees. Less of those please haha

    Response:  Burpees are better than Inch Worms.

    Focus more on learning the correct technique for funky sessions

    Response:  Thanks – appreciate this.

    More variation in way exercises are programmed. The partner challenges, the team bike challenge and continuous sled help break up the ‘normal’ sessions. Even going outside and doing walking lunges around the carpark (I guess they’ve just been put away for winter).

    Response:  So we will 100% be continuing to break things up with the partner stuff, bike challenges, team challenges etc.  I still think these things work best as a ‘change up’ every week or so (and there are more than a few people who ‘hate’ any ‘extras’) but I get what you are saying;  You are right that the ‘outside’ stuff – walking lunges, rope runs etc – have been put away for winter (and the weather has been appalling).


    I just want to commend you all on using lockdown as a chance for innovation. While I do miss the old style classes I think you’ve really found the happy medium in the current programming for the cells and it has provided new opportunities to challenge our training and progress. Also, the level of external support for clients during lockdowns was great, not many (if any) other gyms would have extended such support and it really made us feel valued as clients

    Response:  Thanks.

    Nope. Keep doing what you are doing guys.

    Response:  Thanks heaps.

    Remove deterrents like having to book. Again understand why this is in place,  but rather than spontaneously thinking, I should just go to the gym, don’t go at all.

    Response:  I have covered this already but you can pretty much ALWAYS book when you get to the gym.  So – book when you get here…The video I put up on FB last week showed everyone (hopefully) how easy it is…

    I personally love the direction in a class .. ie break down of muscle  groups we using and how best to activate ! Even if gentle reminders to ensure we are working techniques correctly. Adding more mobility exercises to start or end of class to help warmup/ recovery. Even if it just added to board for self direction before / after a class. Especially for Funky Fit. I love the guidance and coaching aspects of funky fit especially when coaches are engaged and share their knowledge and expertise!

    Response:  I think this is a really personal thing.  To be honest, most people rush out the door the second a class is over…and there reaction at the start isn’t “Let’s do some mobility” but rather “Let’s get on with it”.  We are trying to have a greater focus on doing some post-class recovery work but I have to say it is pretty deflating spending the time programming and preparing only to have everyone ignore you and walk on out the door…egos are fragile I know! 

    Would like to see more body work classes or more strength type stuff in boxing. I understand theres the strength gym but can only justify 1 membership at this time.

    Response:  Body Work is an awesome class – the problem it has had (since the gym opened) is that it has limited appeal…the sessions are pretty tough (some could say too tough??) and that puts a lot of people off.  I know what you are saying in terms of wanting ‘more’ strength in the boxing classes – but (like you say) we have an entire strength gym focussed on exactly that and shoe-horning too much strength into the boxing sessions (we aim for 10-15% strength per session, 25-30% cardio, 10-15% core and 40-50% boxing…after all, it IS a Boxing for Fitness class not a strength class).  As an aside, the strength membership is only ONE membership – you don’t pay both membership fees you know (when you pay for strength, boxing sessions are included).

    In general I love the place, even with the changes to working  in the cells. I miss the moving around the gym and doing different timed rounds, but grateful that its open.

    Response:  I miss the old gym but love the new gym as well…the classes are different but still great.  I agree with some of the comments I have read about losing some of the community vibe in the new setup – to me it is a matter of still engaging and chatting with other participants in the class.

    Would be good to have modified options…for us oldies

    Response:  I’m working on a bit of a plan to bring back the performance and fitness modes…it really is tough right now when everything is so instructor driven.  When things were written on a white board – that was pretty simple.  NOW the instructor tells everyone what to do and yelling out one number causes people problem…calling out two different numbers?  CHAOS!!

    Wish I could add something, but I’m really happy with the classes & everything atm.

    Response:  Thanks.

    Boxing classes? Just throwing ideas out there. Like Boxing-Boxing, not fitness boxing? I’d enjoy those.   I don’t hate anything at R1, classes can be very challenging and with my fitness so poor that may be affecting motivation, but I don’t “hate” it.

    Response:  We just aren’t really “IN” that market…a lot of the time in class I am hard pressed to get some consistency throughout the group on a 1-2 combo.  The more specific we have made classes in the past (for example, the old B+ Boxing which was 75% bag-work) was simply not supported and (as you would have noticed with the other comments

    More upper body weight exercises in boxing classes

    Response: So – It’s Tuesday as I type this and today’s class has KB Swings, C+P, Halos, Lunge-to-Press and Figure 8’s – all upper body.  On top of that there are 2x rounds with pushups, 2x rounds with inch-worms and a static Fence Pull hold…I’m genuinely not sure how we could add in any more

    As above   Targets to train for ,not just been healthy
    Better looking trainers with a sense of humour…

    Response:  If you want to know how good a sense of humour I have you really should have included your name with the survey!

    it’s been great having some old school work outs on the funky side. Program change up has been much better. Keep the variety coming and teach people how to count. 1, 2, 3, miss a few 50! As much as we are accountable for our own workouts when the same people continually skip count it can grate away at people.     Here’s hoping we don’t have to put counting charts up around the gym.

    Response:  Thanks for the comments about the workouts – I was beginning to think no-one had noticed!  As for the rep counting, what can we actually do mate?  We talk to people about counting all of the time but short of doing the reps for them…

    Would love more of, or longer boxing rounds in the classes.

    Response:  The eternal battle…there were 8-minute rounds last week…5’s and 6’s have been pretty common.  I want to keep mixing it up.

    I miss having a few olympic bars in the boxing gym. Was good to have a few classes that had a few rounds of heavier deadlift, squats etc. I know the assault bikes were high maintenance but it would be awesome to have a few in the gym.

    Response:  Well…with the bars there are 2 million of them in the strength gym and we do all of that in there.  Assault bikes is a big negative from me – they were beyond high maintenance and whilst I understand they were a challenging cardio effort the time spent trying to keep them running was beyond the pale.

    Minor, but sometimes when on the Ski-erg and facing the back wall I can’t hear the trainers and can’t see the boards, so on occasions I can get lost in the class. Maybe just old age and male selective hearing.

    Response:  I agree this is a problem…how to solve it I’m not exactly sure.

    Without trying to sound patronizing, I cant really say what you could do to be “Better”.  Just love the place as it is.

    Response:  Thanks.

    No I really enjoy R1 and continue to recommend it to friends.

    Response:  We all appreciate that.

    I’d like more outside workouts, for more fresh air as it can be tough at times inside.

    Response:  Ummm…have you SEEN the weather lately?  We will be back to bits and pieces each side when the weather settles.

    I’d like to see more Group Challenges in class or if small class numbers entire class extras to keep things extra interesting.

    Response:  We will continue to work these in.  Some people love them, some people hate them – believe it or not I get as much negative feedback about these as anything else we do (‘cos some people just want to ‘DO’ the class).  It is about balance I guess and I try to program something ‘extra’ at least once each week.

    More group challenges in boxing.

    Response:  Um – yeah – I kind of just answered this one.

    Keep up the good work…..Keep up the motivational yelling when I slack off…….Keep challenging us…….
    The timetable is amazing, however later opening times on the weekend would be great. I am often keen for an afternoon session on the weekend. This could be open gym or classes.

    Response:  I guess my question is how much would you be prepared to pay for this?  We once used to close at 1pm, then 12pm, then 10:30am…even now on Sunday in particular those last classes with a 9:15am/9:30am start time are basically empty. 

    Maybe a month long VO2 challenge?  So all extras are focussed on lung busting sets.

    Response:  Happy to hear how you think we could do this.

    not a big fan of the small sleds on the boxing side. i think having one big sled on each bit of grass works. but people dont know how to sled in a straight line…

    Response:  Well – using them all the time is a no but we will continue to use the mini-sleds every 6-weeks or so…the only way for people to become better drivers is to practice.



    Love everything about the place!. One bit of feedback I could give is – 1st boxing class at 4:50am, can the gym be open at 4:40 so we can have a little stretch and gather equipment with a little bit of time rather than waiting out the front then rushing in.

    Response:  We already try to do this…the challenge is getting out of bed at 4am 6x days per week then backing it up with a 5:30am start on Sunday, from time to time we are a little bit tardy.  And some other times the check-in computer glitches us out. 

    I don’t know if it would be possible but to go back to group training with more movement around the gym would be great. I have found training in a small square for the past 12 months a bit claustrophobic and ‘boring’ at times, but hey at least we can still go to the gym and train so it’s not that big a deal i guess and is something that’s been out of your control.

    Response:  Well – the gym changes can’t really be ‘undone’.  As noted earlier though, using different cardio elements etc will certainly come back in.

    Less of partner classes and more strength mixed with cardio 🙂

    Response:  There have been 3x partner classes in the past 8-weeks…which isn’t too many.  We will continue to sprinkle these in on occasion.  Strength mixed with cardio is MORE a part of the gym now than ever really and we will continue to focus on including those elements.

    Miss team challenges even though we’re not that good at them but makes it interesting Dislike not stretching!!

    Response:  Stretching we pretty much always do after 7am.  It is essentially impossible to do in the morning sessions when there is generally less than 2 minutes from 1-class ending to the next one starting…running less classes is the only option here and I am not sure that is a great plan so we can run a stretch that generally gets around a 20% participation rate.  We’ve been back doing team challenges – bike and rower – for a while now and will continue to sprinkle them in every few weeks.

    I think its really special that the staff know people’s names.   I like the feeling that monetary gain is NOT your first motivation.   The staff have checked on me when I’m really stressed and not myself.   I like when my coaches find out my goals, and help me create a plan to work towards that. Lately I haven’t really felt that most of my coaches know what my personal goals are.  I don’t like if the trainer doesn’t seem interested in running the class.   I like the banter!  I really want to improve and stop plateauing so help with that would be great   Maybe more Strongman Saturdays every couple months.  I enjoy reading the blog every Sunday.  I want my coaches to teach me how to improve with how much I can lift, and technique.  Also, I love having the trainers in the classes with me. That’s really cool. The R1 photos on sugarwod are great, adds to the community feel.   Thank you so much for your response to Covid, that was impressive and meant we could keep training at home (thank you for all the workouts and YT vids and keeping the sense of community strong).   The month-long challenges are great. I’m tempted to do an 8wk one.   Michael thanks to you and the staff for everything. R1 is more than just a gym for me.

    Response:  Thanks heaps.


    It’s quite a daunting environment to enter. This might put new members off? Better signage on entry door? The reception area might have a work around in terms of having someone “around” to greet clients? I can understand why it’s mostly unattended however  esp in this climate, reduce staff costs etc

    Response:  Yeah – the signage stuff is a good idea.  Believe it or not the signage was all contracted to be done, the frosting was applied and somehow the project never moved forward from there…so now it’s find a new contracter blah blah.  Just having someone here to greet people is probably an expense we simply can’t justify though I 100% understand what you are saying.

    Just what I said in previous question. Luv the vibe, the classes challenge you each class, trainers are tough yet fun & its kid friendly! 5 stars from me ?

    Response:  Thank you.

    More benches in funky, clunky rower in funky fixed, paper towel dispenser in large toilet in funky,

    Response:  Benches I have addressed in a separate blog post and you can read about that here:  I guess ultimately for me we don’t really use them more than once/max twice each week and at $1500 per bench that is a MASSIVE investment for equipment that is so infrequently used and – in most cases – can be shared.  With the ‘clunky’ rower, well, all 7x rowers in the boxing gym were clunky and I have been prioritising getting them fixed over the strength ones where five (5) are still there and in awesome condition.  Paper towel dispenser…still trying to work out whether to leave these bathrooms open or closed – if we keep them then 100% will be fixed.

    You’ve done amazingly well to provide a safe facility that we can come to and train over the last 18 months during the pandemic, so appreciate that. Honestly couldn’t say I’d change anything.

    Response:  Thanks

    Would love some classes specialising in weightlifting.

    Response:  These would have to be at 7pm at night.  Would you attend at such a time?  Happy to run specialty sessions but experience we have had is that everyone talks it up but in the end support is pretty minimal.  Outside of that, happy to hear your suggestions as to ‘when’ they would run?

    Keep doing what your doing, awsome gym

    Response:  Thanks

    Potentially 45 min boxing classes or using multiple cardio equipment.

    Response:  Boxing is up past 35-minutes from 7am onwards.  I feel like we forget that in the old days we would run 13x 3-minute rounds, 20x 2-minute rounds, 10x 4-minute rounds, 9x 5-minute rounds…only one of those adds up to > 40minutes.

    I like the weekly blog. I like the community of people at Round1, they are friendly and encouraging (trainers and members). The training reminds of training for sport, which is to get better at something by practising to see results, whatever your level of a result looks like. I like that there are limited mirrors & people aren’t there just to be seen. It’s good that diet is emphasised as much as exercise, and that diet means eating to support your training. I like that the body analyser is available – it’s a good tool to see beyond weight loss or gain & see other changes. I like that the gym gives you the tools to get results but that ultimately you have to push yourself to achieve them.

    Response:  Thankyou.

    After doing the recent challenge, I wouldn’t mind a weekly “extras” to do by choice. I’m no good at designing a workout and I’d probably just choose stuff I like doing.

    Response:  This is something we used to do every week…but it ends up being an exercise in futility as no-one ever does them…or people look at the board and say “Yeah – but I can you give me something else as I don’t want to do THAT”.  I guess I don’t know how to solve this one.

    Just more benches in the strength gym

    Response:  I figure I’ve responded to this already…as an aside, 13 benches is a LOT!!!

    Would love rolling thunder classes back

    Response:  I’m sure when we find our way through the virus you will find RT back on the time-table.

    I have found the whole experience great.

    Response:  Awesome.

    Overall love the gym. Love that everyday is different. Like team challenges within boxing   Hate: gloves on, gloves off, gloves on etc. prefer one or two longer stints of boxing

    Response:  Fair enough but…just leave your gloves on?  There is always going to be a mix between shorter and longer boxing efforts – it’s all part of changing up the session plans each day!


    Response:  YES.

    A bit more weights during boxing, like dumbbells or barbells

    Response:  Again – strength will be 10-15% of a boxing class…we do have an entire strength gym where that will be 80% the focus,

    If possible going back to longer classes in the morning again.

    Response:   I’m not sure how the time-table would look but if we were to expand to the 45-minute time-splits the rest of the day:
    5am, 5:45am, 6:30am…or…5:15am, 6am, 6:45am?  What type of split would you foresee?

    Upon signing up I would have liked the opportunity to have a look around/chat with someone. Health check maybe. Went from sign up to class with nothing in between and no idea what I was meant to be doing. First class was early morning so no time to speak to anyone or be shown what to do/what not to do so first few sessions were quite intimidating.

    Response:  Funny thing – we ONLY used to offer the Health Check for this reason as it gave the chance for all of that ‘stuff’…but no-one wanted it – everyone wants to jump to the two-week trial (even though the two options are side-by-side on the website) and then, well….


    Response: Maybe.

    Keep going as are people love round 1 it’s so addictive and enjoyable

    Response:  YES.


    Response:  Definitely not.

    Love partner and group challenges

    Response:  Some love ’em, others hate them!

    Keep up the great work at Round 1 fitness. I would love too see some extreme body transformation programs.

    Response:  I actually have no idea what you mean by that?

    Honestly really happy with everything

    Response:  YES.

    I’m enjoying the classes, appreciate all the coaching and support, the workouts are unreal… I’ve never been this consistently sore while training which indicates how much variation there are in the classes.     The only thing I’d say that could improve is the choice of music or lack of music which is is quite evident in the smaller classes… personally (good) music helps create momentum and energy going into each part of the workout would like to hear more of it if possible.

    Response:  Unfortunately everyone has their own version of good music!

    I really feel like turning the unused office space into a studio up top or a recovery room down bottom would benefit a lot of people. Ie if  There was a infrared sauna in the corner or a stretching station people can use before leaving.

    Response:  Awesome suggestions.  What would you be prepared to pay to use the IR Sauna?

    I love the new cell boxing system & feel it allows more space & time to move through movements. I would like to see more variety in funky (gymnastic moves, team cardio challenges).

    Response:  With the gymnastics stuff, we have simply found that on any day programmed with ‘heavy’ gymnastics, no-one shows up!  The team cardio stuff we are working in…

    That comes to mind? Nothing really except maybe bring back an old school session here or there where we change stations with the bell like good old days. A bit of nostalgia if you like

    Response:  One day we will be swapping cardio equipment left and right, just like the good old days…

    The gym is great and all of the coaches are lovely. The only thing I would change is getting in trouble for not doing all of my calories (for example) in boxing… sometimes the thought of the embarrassment puts me off going. I don’t tend to do classes if i’m not feeling 100% because I don’t want to get in trouble for slacking off. Would rather still do a workout though (better than nothing), even if it’s not 100%, but often I just wont go to avoid it (especially for the early morning classes). But I do understand the coaches are there to push us!

    Response:  Days you are feeling off, communication is the key!  With the old school stuff – I’m not sure we will ever be ‘moving around’ all the time again but swapping cardio and strength equipment is certainly part of of the plan lt.


    Happy Happy but kinda only Kinda wish the showers where alittle different / separated so i would use them before going to work. Other than that i recommend your gym to any one i can, love the place and the people.

    Response:  OK – so a couple of girls have mentioned this (showers) – I wish you had told me before…anyway, solution coming soon.  Appreciate the nice stuff.


    Mike and his team are always mixing things up and keeping me on my toes

    Response:  We try to keep things fresh!

    Can I please suggest that if members are waiting for a boxing class to finish that they don’t leave their gear or wait at the cell (unless it’s unoccupied).. Someone is going to hurt themselves by tripping over left equipment/drink bottles or dodging people etc. Also, this creates a sense of pressure  to clean and get out of the station when you may be wanting to finish off your last set…There is plenty of time between classes now so it’s not necessary to crowd around the cells.

    Response:  It’s a good point for all of the classes post-7am…before that, it is pretty chaotic though and usually less than 2-mins between sessions – I guess I can understand why people do it.  On top of that, there is the whole ‘I bags a bike’ thing going on which hopefully the ping-pong ball system will help with.

    Would love for there to be a 9am boxing class again ! !   Thank you for always allowing my kids to be there, it means I can fit in an extra session or two

    Response:  The challenge I have here is that the push was always for 9:15am to allow people to get to the gym from school drop-off…there have been a couple of comments about class timing so perhaps I will revisit this one.

    Would like one more later class on the weekends at least on one of the days so I can still sleep in and then come to then gym even if it’s just an ‘open gym’  for a bit after the last class

    Response:  We used to do this but no-one used to come…I understand the frustration but back in the day we opened until 1pm, which became 12pm, which eventually became 10:30am.  At the same time opening has moved from 8am Sat/9am Sunday to 6am and 8am…When I look at our competitors, Chasing Better offer one class on Sunday at 3pm and one class on Saturday at 8am.  F45 offer 2x classes on Saturday (6am and 7:15am) and one class on Sunday (8am)…it is just so hard to justify and I can certainly understand why these other businesses offer even more limited options on the weekends than we do (at more than double the price I might add).

    Did I tell say how much I don’t like the new area where all the good equipment needs was moved and we need to pay extra to use, but all the classes run in times we can attend? If the new area is open other times, example later evening or weekend def worth the money, like this no.

    Response:  Umm – OK.  The strength gym doesn’t close until the gym closes – if we turn the lights off because no-one is in there, well – that simply makes sense.  It is certainly available for use.  As for ‘moving’ all the ‘good equipment’, well…I guess we moved some old Olympic bars and bumpers – but most of that old junk got thrown out.  We invested $250k in creating a new environment for strength focussed training – an extra $8 per week for an entirely new gym, new gear and 30x extra class options?  That isn’t really a bad deal.  I know you have said that even the 6pm class is too early for your life…I wish we had the numbers to justify a later class but we simply don’t.  Certainly if demand was there we would run the sessions.

    Nope 🙂

    Response:  Thanks.

    Can’t think of anything at the moment!

    Response:  Let me know if you do –

    Nope. Keep it up

    Response:  Thank you.

    I’m happy with the mix of cardio, weights and everything else.
    Response:  I like it as well!
    Can’t think of anything

    Response: Again, Please let me know if you do –

    Loving my experience so far but often notice if you are in the back row (ski/sparc) the trainers often don’t come back in the session – nothing major. Love the little extras in a session (yes they are hard – mini sleds kill my legs – but they are great). Love the variety in each session.

    Response:  Yep – 100% we need to spend more time patrolling the grass in the middle!

    We don’t have a regular stretch after Funky Fit unless we do it ourselves. I would love a really good, instructor lead warm down/stretch after the class.

    Response:  This 100% should be happening – onto it!  The only caveat I have is if one class runs ‘long’, then the next one will end up left to their own devices…I think most days there is time.  My only other comment would be that running the stretch can be exceedingly demotivating when 99% of people walk-out as it’s going on – not a good excuse though.

    I think the membership prices should increase.  Kids shouldn’t be walking around  the gym when a class is on.

    Response:  Yeah, well…we are about 15-months overdue a price rise but COVID!!  Agree that kids need to be sitting quietly.

    Love Round 1, best classes and coaches.     Only suggestion for facilities would be some sort of privacy divider for the ladies bathroom when showering and getting ready but not a major issue!

    Response:  Really appreciate this super specific and actionable feedback.  I have already had this quoted (a touch under $3k) and it will be done in the next few weeks.

    More classes during the day. Not sure if many people would go, but it would suit me more.

    Response:  So – we do 9am, 9:15am, 12:10pm, 1pm and 3:45pm…I’m just not sure what other times you want.  To quote our competitors, F45 offer nothing after 9:15am until 5pm and Chasing Better do 9:30am, 12:30pm then nothing until 4:30pm…I mean, we’re trying but demand just isn’t there.

    The boxing sessions to run a little bit longer say 40mins . I understand due to this new normal (COVID) it is difficult

    Response:  I’ve tried to cover this already but Boxing hits 35mins post 7am pretty much every day…in the old – old days, we would do (for example) 20x 2-min rounds (40mins) – but with all the time lost moving around the gym I think there is actually MORE training time in the new world…Typically boxing classes during the day and on Sunday’s go longer but we have some challenges – 45mins between start times (trying to be flexible) AND people want to stretch…increasing beyond 38-39 minutes is going to be a real push unless we change back to 1-hour start-times – which means fewer class options…

    I really enjoy going the gym, although, burpees are not my best friends !

    Response:  Yeah, but they’re better than inch worms.


    Love = Atmosphere  Hate = Nothing  More of = tricep exercises   Less = Burpees ( kidding )

    Response:  Education is important.  Big biceps (and apparently triceps) are importanter!


    I was a member back in 2014/2015, I took a break for a few years and started back again late 2020. I absolutely loved the 30 minute classes and would love to see more of these on the timetable. I love coming to RoundOne, its the best

    Response:  Well – all the morning sessions are effectively 30-minutes.  As you will have noted from the comments here we are under a fair bit of pressure from people to INCREASE rather than limit the session run-time.

    We miss Paul’s focus pad work – a great way to add another spike to your heart rate.  A cramped time table and the need to depart on time often limits stretching opportunities.

    Response:  Yeah – Paul stopped padwork long before he left though due to the ongoing issues to his wrists and shoulders – it certainly takes a toll.  We have been trying to do more of it particularly on Friday mornings and will continue to do so.  There is heaps of room and time to stretch – just not necessarily being led by an instructor…

    Keep up the good work

    Response:  Thanks.

    Generally I have only very very positive things to say. I really like the variety in the programming this year, and especially the new 9am FF class, which has definitely welcomed in new people to the strength side.    The majority of the coaches are amazing and bring extras to the gym – Tracey is always approachable and welcoming and is the confidante and role model of so many R1 women, Alex has a lovely approach, makes sessions fun and is great at watching form and preventing injuries, Leon has been such an amazing addition with his knowledge of movement and strongman sessions, always keen to listen and offer advice. And if I feel like I have energy to burn I know there’s a 1pm where Mike will push me extra hard.     Most of the time I feel pretty comfortable at R1, but one thing that does make me feel self conscious in the gym is when certain people come in to the gym to do their ‘own’ workout and use a rig in a booked out class! This is more about certain individuals, and has been mentioned to trainers already.  I know this is a tough one to manage especially if people are long time members,   but I do know that I’m not the only one who this impacts.  If trainers could just keep an eye out for this, managing space requirements and addressing comments that put down other’s efforts that would be much appreciated.

    Response:  Thanks for all of this.  I have already reached out and have spoken to the people who you identified to me.

    Worst issue is not enough bench press seats for the full classes. First world problems ?. I’d like to see coaches given some harder opinions to people cruising but that’s not too often these days.

    Response:  I have tried addressing the bench press issue as best as I can.  With the ‘harder’ options, that’s all cool but people do tend to be unhappy anytime they are rewarded for being efficient!

    I love Round 1! The boxing aspect is my favorite part. The coaches are so lovely – they are what keeps me going back! Loving the shorter but more intense workouts too.

    Response:  Thank you.

    The new cells limit certain exercises for taller/bugger people. E.g. skipping on the Ski Ergs. Would love more variability in gear/exercises similar to old classes.

    Response:  Umm – come out of your cell to skip?  The variety in the cardio gear will return as COVID disappears.

    more encouragement to use different equipment,  try new thing

    Response:  The challenge here is that even though everyone is in the gym, the majority of people want to remain in their comfort zone.  I know this is a terrible thing to say, but given we have a ‘rule’ that each person changes cardio equipment each time they come to the gym, how many actually do so?  As coaches we genuinely want to welcome people – not make their world miserable and fighting with people every day over whether they have a bike or a rower is completely exhausting.

    The other day I came in for my normal class which is very early and there was some music being played in the office….thought this was a cool idea that could continue to pump people up as they come in. Maybe some more flexibility in classes at the end….even a bit of stretching at the end of the class.  I love Round 1 and love being a member there.  I love how there are so many times available to accommodate everyone. The Boxing and Strength sides to give you a bit of a change up if you want one..

    Response:  Thanks – I’m not so sure on the office music but it’s on the September agenda!

    More old school boxing exercises, tyre flips, ropes, wall balls, wall sits etc.  And maybe like a challenge board or some kind of challenge that’s not food related, just to help you feel part of something going on in the gym.  Running club maybe??

    Response:  Ummm.  Running club?  Well – I ran it…but no-one came!  Not sure I will be doing that again.  We always do the Christmas challenge – classes only, no food/drink component…As for the tyre flips – well – they are happening in Funky all the time and are more appropriate in that environment.

    Some trainers are bang on with the rounds. Some are a bit disorganised and loose their place

    Response:  The goose is on the loose!  LOL.  It certainly is easy to lose track of the details sometimes right – I think we are generally pretty good but will remind the team to do their reviews.

    I really love how Eden, Kieri and Leroy take the classes, they break it down and really explain the movements, they are always happy to help. Love Michael’s classes (Even though he can’t count!). One thing I would say is for the warm ups in Funky that they can match the movement we are doing that day. One day we did Deadlifts and my back wasn’t warm at all.

    Response:  We will double check the warm-ups but genuinely surprised by this one.  Just looking ahead to next week, Deadlift day has a warm-up of running, good mornings, upright rows, single leg rdl’s and inch-worms…so that should do the trick!


    Response:  Let me know if you do –

    Love the mix of class at lunch time. Trainers going off script just a little to add some spice to the classes but following the general theme of the class.

    Response:  I like it when the trainers add their personality to the class – though I do get regular complaints about sessions that don’t follow the white board.

    i really like doing padwork, i would like to be able to incorporate more of that into classes.

    Response:  It means having two trainers supporting every boxing class – I guess my question is how much would you be prepared to pay for that?

    would like to incorporate more weights into some of my workouts so using the Hammer Strength gear somehow would be great (eg Hammer Time).

    Response:  The Hammer Strength gear is there for you – you don’t need us to run a class in order to use the equipment…but that said, Hammer Strength will be making a return in September.

    It’s all pretty good for my level of fitness and what I actually have time to do  Thanks

    Response:  Awesome.

    Hate – Burpees!   Love – almost everything else   I know Michael you do a lot to the members but sometimes I do feel that I probably do not belong here coz everyone else is so much better than me with all the workouts. This was the reason I left the gym once. May be just me. It’s a survey so just putting it out there 🙂

    Response:  To be fair, I think we all feel that way.  Would love it if you reached out ‘cos of course this is one of our anonymous responses!

    There’s no need to add more cells into funky it’ll just be too much going on – even tho sats are always booked out but that’s just 1 class.     Really missing the precovid boxing classes.    Some coaches giving out some wrong or bad technique during strength…

    Response:  Can’t do much about the structure of the gym but boxing will definitely be moving towards multiple cardio elements as COVID decides to leave us be.  New slam balls on the way etc.  Curious about the bad technique comments and will chat offline.


    It’s a great gym! Boxing is fun, love the challenges and would love to see more of them. My all time favourite class was one Eden took and another trainer was there (don’t remember his name) and he came around and did a little bit of pad work with each person. Never realised how much of a workout that is and how fun it was. These little extras are what makes the gym such a great place

    Response:  Padwork is fun and we will continue to sprinkle it in.

    I repeat: Keep adapting, keep changing. Do not change the gym session time table (much). Keep very early/very late/public holiday/Sunday sessions. Invest in your coaches/trainers. Help them to be the best coaches they can. I don’t like to see the good trainers leave. I really miss them. Find out why they leave and make them stay. Give them the opportunity to grow/get promoted in your business. Do whatever it takes to make the good ones stay. Also, the future is digital. Think more about digital advertisements, how to keep up in a digital world.

    Response:  I understand what you are saying about keeping coaches – but the hours are terrible and the money is worse…it simply isn’t for everyone (and long-term I’m not sure it’s for anyone).  We will keep working to retain our staff but there is only so much we can do…

    Overall I’m pretty happy with the gym and how it is run I feel it suits my needs and gives me what I want. More challenges during classes (if covid allows) as they make classes more fun.

    Response:  Again – some love ‘em, some hate ‘em.  We will continue to do 1-2 each week along with some random extras depending on the size of the class.


    it would be great if the punching combinations were written up bigger.  I know they get yelled out but my brain doesnt process the words audibly. Maybe a smartboard so workouts can be loaded up on to a big screen and you can see what you’re supposed to be doing in big accessible type font.

    Response:  But…then the trainer goes off script (which I WANT) and everyone is out of synch…

    Let’s not doing sally more than once a week, maybe not sleds every single  Boxing class haha
    Probably not possible but if when you are booking into a class you could book a station number. This way if I wanted a bike or a spark I can sort it before I Arrive. Just an idea doesn’t bother me really

    Response:  When we do SALLY, it is usually twice in a week on back-to-back days.  Likewise Roxanne.  This is because the rhythm of most users is 3-4 sessions per week with breaks in between and it enables us to catch ‘everyone’…With the extras, once the mini-sleds come out we are going to use them for a few days, same as changing the position of the rings etc.  As for booking into stations – well, the system doesn’t allow that and I think it is something that would simply cause fights and arguments.  FIFS is the simplest way – the ping pong ball system (randomised) is the best way as it means everyone will be changing their equipment regularly.


    I would love some more specialised classes that run over a few weeks/month.  Loved going to Leon’s strength fundamentals a few months ago.

    Response:  I don’t disagree but of the 10 people who did the SF course, only one person indicated they wanted to continue with the series…just finding the demand for these sessions is tough.

    No other feedback   Not sure what you could do better? Always room for improvement but I couldn’t specifically what that should be

    Response:  Let me know if you do –

    maybe sessions on nutrition   also maybe kids sessions for developing athletes (aka Monkey- she is only 10 so cant join DAP yetr)

    Response:  We did the diet series with Megan back in 2019…has been hard doing much follow-up since then – can see what is happening in the next few months and potentially revisit.  We aren’t insured for <12’s so classes for younger kids wont happen.

    I always enjoy the boxing classes but in particular I’m keen on the ones that are more strength based.  I know I could attend the functional side for this,  but I like the 30 min classes so enjoy when strength is the focus in boxing.

    Response:  Yeah – and we try to do 10-15% of strength in each session.  The primary point here I guess is that they are BOXING for Fitness sessions…

    Sometimes , in boxing , I feel that there is a lot of it jammed into a session and for someone who is not super fit , you find yourself skipping a lot of exercises   Those “ old school “ boxing sessions are a bit of a mess , they don’t work well in a cell based gym   I found that if funky is shoulder work that boxing has a lot of shoulder work on the same day so for someone with a shoulder issues that’s a not going to gym day .  And one more thing I’ve noticed is that Leon is doing push-ups on his knees 🙂

    Response:  Leon is lazy!  I’m actually finding the current boxing class structure working well so need to chat to you about your first comment – but for sure there is a lot packed in.  Unfortunately as a gym we suffer ADD and if the instructor doesn’t have something new to tell us every 30-seconds or so we start looking at them questioning their competence, enthusiasm and general right to be our trainer on that particular day…as you read through the feedback for this survey you will get the idea of what I mean.

    Funky and Boxing are not on the same programming schedule and there will occasionally be a conflict – modifying sessions to work through injuries is a pretty common occurance though.

    I don’t really have any suggestions since I’m very happy with the way the gym is right now.  Obviously the COVID changes were a bit unfortunate but I think the changes overall are good

    Response:  Let me know if you do –

    Be more welcoming inviting at the counter when staff are there. Also follow through with what you offer new people when they sign on, new person shouldn’t have to chase you up for what you offered. Example  one on one session and body scan.

    Response:  Um – OK.  To be fair, if you are owed a PT session or a Body Scan, maybe let us know.  It is pretty difficult to maintain a list of people in your head who need to be asked the question ‘next time’ you see them.  Happy to follow through on all of these things and have done 3x free PT’s for new clients this week alone…I think chasing and asking are two very different things btw – asking is a one-time thing – chasing is repeatedly asking…I think expecting clients to ask is fair…expecting them to CHASE is UNFAIR.  Apologies if you’ve been CHASING but that is not the feedback I have received and I have checked in with each of the staff before writing this…(watch me look like a goose now!).

    cals for women should be less than for men.  I’m always the last one to finish cardio, ok I know I need to work on that though.

    Response:  Well….If we run, the distance is the same.  So why should the calories be the same.  I’m not understanding this one.  Performance and Fitness options I understand…boys and girls?  I’m not really understanding.

    More group challenges

    Response:  Some love ‘em, some hate ‘em.  They need to be regular but can’t be every day.

    Maybe more opportunity for stretching and cool down as now that this isn’t offered after classes I just don’t do it despite knowing how valuable it is for me. Also maybe a designated mobility class? Unsure if I’d be the only person interested in that but it’s definitely something I’d love to get better with but don’t have the motivation to do it and it seems to always go in my too hard basket.

    Response:  100% stretching should be happening in Funky and post 7am boxing classes – or if it doesn’t happen, that should be a circumstances based exception rather than the rule.

    A bit less of taking gloves on and off. I don’t mind the “extras” during the class ie, sled, bike challenges, rowing challenges etc but it takes you away from what you are doing in the actual class and sometimes you only get half the workout done due to needing to go into the extras (found this especially during team challenges).     Love the mix of cardio and strength, more core workout during the class would be great!

    Response:  And just two lines back the request for MORE team challenges.  We try hard to balance this but like I say, everyone has different preferences…as for gloves on/off…don’t take them off!


    T-shirt’s for finishing challenges would be nice

    Response:  Yeah – that’s fair.  Last time I did this less than 10% of people wanted one which makes it hard to justify getting the work done…

    Not yet. I am really enjoying it so far

    Response:  Let me know if you do –

    There’s one thing I really hate and that’s the members bringing the pets into the gym. We train on those floors and it starts to stink and there’s hair everywhere

    Response:  Doesn’t happen too often these days. 

    See comments throughout.

    Response:  If only the survey unpacked that way!

    I would like longer classes – because I live far, so I would like my drive to be worthy. I appreciate the opportunity to provide feedback – it’s great the gym is always wanting to get better! 🙂

    Response:  As I have noted a couple of times, we are driving the post session times upwards but they are going to cap out at 35-38mins or so.  Funky sessions go for between 45-60 minutes…you could always join some of the 5am peeps and double up on the sessions (though again, in the mornings this works a treat as they are effectively back-to-back)…

    Love the variety

    Response:  Awesome.

    Love the family vibe this place has and not your typical gym.

    Response:  Thanks

    Potentially beach session or random running hill session somewhere ..

    Response:  I get a lot of push-back when we run beach days as it means the gym is closed…it tends to be a bit exclusive…we might do one this coming year.  Believe me when I say I try to make the biggest number of people happy and if the majority wanted a beach day then they would GET a beach day!

    Perhaps making the classes 40 mins instead of 30 mins?  But I honestly think you have such a unique business model – so unlike every other gym, and it’s great.  There’s nothing I want more of, nothing I want less of.  Love the classes, don’t hate anything.

    Response:  We’re slowly building up the post-7am sessions but again 35-38 will probably cap them out.  Today’s (Wed 18th) is 35:10.  Tomorrow is the same, Friday is 38 even.

    I have been really happy with my experience at R1. Grateful for being able to bring my son along.

    Response:  That’s great.

    Love that it’s kid friendly   Love that you mix it up   Love the atmosphere

    Response:  Thanks.

    Pretty happy with everything so far. I do think that the trainers need to remember that not everyone is super fit. Yes we need to be pushed to get fitter, but to be a bit careful with how hard they can push us

    Response:  The eternal battle – finding the balance between pushing and going ott…or being inattentive and over the top/in your face.  We try to get it right…can I suggest communication is the key??

    I honestly love it, this is the only gym I have stuck with consistently for over 3 months after trying for 10+ years

    Response:  Awesome.

    Nothing really. Maybe more personal interest from coaches in what I’m doing overall and what my goals are moving forward and how or what I need to do to best achieve them.

    Response:  That’s fair but there are 600 members…for the one-on-one stuff you refer too here you might need to initiate that conversation.

    Personally I wouldn’t like attending a paired class, I’d feel embarrassed slowing the other person down so I’d avoid that day I just like doing my own thing on my own. What a grinch huh ?‍?

    Response:  I don’t know about grinch.  The partners sessions are a supposed to be a fun change up but there is a reason we only do one of these every few weeks…some people love them, some hate them.


    I am glad we have gone back to timed rounds in the boxing classes

    Response:  Well – we sort of never didn’t.  We just used a different clock…but I kind of get what you mean.

    The warm downs where have they gone?  More penalties! While they hurt and complain..all for benefit  Most of us are compliant

    Response:  Warm-downs should still be in boxing after 7am and should definitely still be in Funky.  Penalties…lol.  Some people really (REALLY) don’t like them…balance!

    – Price is excellent for what we are getting access too!  – Would be nice to incorporate a quick stretch more often in FF post-class

    Response:  Thanks…



    more cross trainers, bikes or opportunity to mix up the equipment please. was good when mike made everyone move one session 🙂

    Response:  We can only tell people to move so many times…there are 15x bikes and 5x cross trainers (SPARCs) – that’s a lot!  For me, I think we provide heaps of options…you can ski, row, bike or SPARC.  Or VERSA.  At many gyms you will have a few bikes and maybe one rower….everyone else runs…we try pretty hard in this area.  The problem isn’t the equipment but the refusal of many people to move around…it only benefits YOU!

    So far so good.   Would be good to see some pad work back in boxing and I’m always a fan of slightly abstract / different exercises eg. Yolk walks, tire work, rope climbs etc.

    Response:  Thanks mate.

    bigger free weights area, but i know its cramped as it is, so one can only dream 🙂

    Response:  There is 600m2 of strength gym space…how much bigger can it possibly be?

    I love R1.  I have been coming consistently for 4 years now because my previous fitness timetable no longer worked.  I am so glad I came to try.  I have not looked back.  If I can’t make the morning class, I squeeze in an afternoon class in between kids sports, parental commitments.  There is always a class, keep that up!  Also keep doing what you do.  Mike this is for you.  Sometimes I drive past the gym on a Sunday afternoon.  I see you, we see you.  Sometimes when I struggle to get motivated, I think of you.  If Mike is willing to open the gym before 5am, there is no excuse not to go train.  I love the recent challenge, it wasn’t expensive, but small changes to life that is doable and an opportunity to form new healthy habits.  Perhaps more challenge similar to that will be great.

    Response:  Thanks heaps.

    We love R1. The people are a big part of what makes the gym… a big part of the culture. The coaches are great, and all want to get the best out of you. We love how the sessions are always different. We appreciate being able to have Tilly and Emma come along so that we can train. It makes things easier for us. We also feel that it helps instill good habits in them… that getting exercise should be a part of your life, and that it should be fun.

    Response:  Lucky for us we have people like you…that’s where the fun comes from (it sure as hell doesn’t come from me).

    To be honest I am happy with the way the gym is run the staff have changed over time but all are doing a great job. Even through our tuff times of COVID the changes all worked well. Over all I’m happy with round 1 and look forward to more fun times there

    Response:  Thanks.

    I’d work my back wasn’t damaged I miss the gym and workout are amazing

    Response:  Sorry to hear that.

    Not sure if this has been looked into, but I have seen other gyms that werent 24/7 are now 24/7, would this be a possibility in the future for at least the strength side? Also i have seen a gym (Helix) north of perth, and they have a recovery section with a sauna and ice bath, would something like this be possible at round 1?

    Response:  I guess I would just ask what you would be prepared to pay for that?


    An opportunity to implement/discover nutrition strategies to maximise the effort people put in to compliment training.

    Response:  LOL – sounds like a plan…I know someone who might be able to work with that.

    Keep doing what you’re doing.

    Response:  Thanks,.

    Just all round awesome!

    Response:  Thank you.

    I think when the trainers go out of their way to know peoples name it makes the training feeling more like a personal training session rather that just another number in a big group of people.

    Response:  Knowing names is important.


    Response:  Thanks.

    Bring back rolling thunder on Saturdays!!!!!! That’s a lot of ! But I loved just being able to rock up at any point and join in – not having a routine as such on Saturday means I don’t usually book a class.

    Response:  Yeah – we need to book right now (COVID)…but you can always book when you arrive at the gym!

    24/7 swipe access to strength gym members

    Response:  What would you be prepared to pay for that?


    I love being a member and the facility so I never look at what would enhance my experience at the gym.

    Response:  Well, if you think of anything –

    Another time slot on Saturdays for functional noting 7am is always full and 6am is pretty early. Adding an 8am on Sat would be awesome

    Response:  Like the 9:15am class that we already have?


    Coaching/community spirit is second to none, something that is constantly recommended to others

    Response:  Thanks.

    Personally would like to see it go back to 45min classes with the groups instead of the individual cell concept

    Response:  Well – we aren’t going to unbuild the gym and put everything back…not without another big pile of $’ and 6-weeks of being closed!  What we will do is bring in more varied cardio sets etc as COVID permits.

    More classes like Monday the 2/8

    Response:  Well, that was effectively 1-minute rounds…we do one of those every couple of weeks (Tues 17th August was very similar).

    Not much but maybe a couple of classes a week to focus  on lifting technique

    Response:  When would we run these?

    It’s a little bit daunting when you are new. Maybe a run down on the equipment and how it works, and some boxing moves

    Response:  Well…we used to run Beginners sessions but this annoyed the beginners (who didn’t want to go at those times) and the regulars (who would show up wanting a ‘NORMAL’ class).  We might revise the 3x session ‘Ring the Bell’ PT block to see if we can get some people interested in a basic skills intro…it’s hard to manage this.

    Just keep doing what you’re doing.  It works for me
    Would like an earlier class (7am) on Sunday

    Response:  Ummm – ZERO chance.  For us 7-day-per-week workers, 8am Sunday is the earliest I’m prepared to do!

    Earlier weekend classes, if possible

    Response:  We do 6am Saturday…and it is pretty quiet…no chance any earlier than that.  Sunday I’m on the ZERO chance bandwagon…as I think I said earlier, F45 only do one session on Sunday (we run FIVE) and it’s at 8am…



    Maybe ask people to not take the bikes EVERY class. Perhaps some emphasis on form not reps to prevent injury. Instructions on boards on back side of gym or mic up the instructors. Sometimes you can’t actually hear the coaches. Music. Get some good tunes to match the pace of the class and never I mean never play Roxanne again., I used to like that song

    Response: Happy for you to do the Pepsi Challenge with the music – nothing surer than the moment one person says ‘great music today’ someone else will fire shots.  As for the bikes…well, we TELL people to change their cardio every session…really not sure what else to do.  Having some members actually call out those who are doing the hogging?  Now that might have some chance of effecting change!



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