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    Revised Methodology for At Home Training Plan

    Our new ‘At Home’ training block commences tomorrow (May 1st).

    Up to this point, we have been following a graduated workout plan where I have tried to integrate higher and lower volume days to slow build intensity (and hopefully outcomes) over what has been a 6-week period.  I built the program using our existing 21-day ‘Holiday Training Program’ as a baseline – we started providing the sessions approx. 3-weeks before the gym closed and it seemed the ‘best’ way to get some content to each of you quickly – and whilst I spent 20-plus hours trying to tie it all together (not to mention the time spent putting together the daily posts, videos etc) it was always intended as a ‘short-term’ program.

    Guess what.  It isn’t short-term anymore.

    Our new program has been designed as an integrated, 60-day schedule.  Each week will look like this:

    Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday








    Intervals EIT


    Minute Drills

    Firstly, the sessions have continued to be designed so that you can effectively complete them without the use of any equipment except a skipping rope AND a mechanism to do some upper-body ‘PULLS’ with – a chin-up bar or even a table that you can do ‘fence pulls’ on.  There IS running in the program – so if you are not running then you need a running replacement (such as a bike or a rower) and can assume a 1:3 (run:ride) distance translation.

    Next, there a few acronyms in that table and I wanted to try and provide some information on what they are all about.

    ICT = Integrated Circuit Training
    Calling it “Integrated” training is probably a bit OTT but calling it a ‘circuit’ also seemed a little inadequate.  Anyway, it’s ICT now.  It is a face-paced, multi-exercise routine that will include full body exercises, specific exercises, isometrics…you name it.  I do try to include power-based and more endurance based activities within the same routine to keep the ‘challenge’ going…

    An example of an ICT circuit?

    30x Double skips, 20x Pushups, 20x Jump Squats, 20x FencePulls (repeat 4x)

    EIT = Enhanced Interval Training
    I have labelled the components that include some kind of high intensity running efforts (sprints) with resistance training as EIT.  Just like the old phrase “First beer, then liquor…never been sicker”, this one goes, “First Sprints, then ‘weights’…don’t make any plans for the rest of the day”.  I know this isn’t very catchy but it does aptly describe the workout outcomes.

    The idea behind the EIT is to overcome the limitation of running/riding only routines, by incorporating upper body training.  An example would be pairing 200m runs with sets of 20x pushups – because you are  be breathing hard, experiencing fatigue from the run, those push-ups will be truly miserable…Anyway, that’s EIT.

    Minute Drills = “Modified” EMOM
    These are similar to the ICT routines however are purely time-based rather than primarily based around a ‘repetition count’– so it is really just a change to the constraints controlling the routine.  We often called these types of routines an ‘EMOM’ (every minute on the minute) in the world of Functional Fitness, BUT as that oftentimes implies a combination of time AND reps, I have recast them as minute drills for the sake of removing any confusion about what is required.


    An example?

    Repeat 6x – 30-secs ‘GO’, 30-secs REST

    M1:  Burpees

    M2:  Mountain Climbers

    M3:  Jumping Jacks

    M4:  Split Jumps

    M5: Leg Raises

    The other training elements – “Intervals”, “Strength”, “ABS” and “Core” are (I would have thought) relatively self explanatory however for the sake of completeness:

    Intervals Running intervals – generally based around a set distance.  Throughout this program I have tried to offer a Body Weight circuit (an ICT I guess!) that could be done instead of the running for those people who prefer that.
    Strength Strength based elements.  These are still body weight based but we are talking pushups, pull-ups, squats, lunges, Bulgarians etc.  There are partial movements, isometrics, modified cadence etc throughout to increase the challenge.
    Core Core based strengthening movements.
    Abs Abs specific movements.

    A lot of time has gone into putting this together for you guys in an effort to ensure that even whilst the gym is unavailable you will have continued access to a high-level training solution that is targeted at creating ‘forward progress’ rather than just ‘getting you sweaty’.  Of course, there are some ‘Have Fun – Get Sweaty’ workouts included in the routine (these are, of course every ‘Super Saturday’) and I do hope there are enough of them in there for those people who want nothing more than to hurl themselves into a workout and ‘see what happens!’.

    Hope to see you all soon…stay safe!



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