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    At Home Strength – Week 3, Day 5

    Hey Team,

    Week#3 – Day#5 of our ‘AT HOME STRENGTH’ is up for everyone who is looking to BE FASTER, STRONGER and BETTER by the time the gym re-opens.  And you don’t need ‘fancy’ gear (you know, like a barbell – though you can use one if you have one) – all you need is a Limestone Block and a kick-arse attitude!
    (Again – If you don’t want to use a limestone block…no worries.  You can use a sand-bag, kettlebell, barbell, dumbbell…anything HEAVY works!  I am using the block as an example of cheap, easily accessible exercise equipment.)
    Here’s the Demo Video:

    It feels like it has been a SUPER challenging week so far with an equal mix of upper, lower and core training.  Today we are going to reinforce this approach with a couple of programming ‘staples’:

    Lower body primal (Squats, Step-ups and Lunges)

    Upper body primal #2 (Hex Press, Bench Press, Dynamic-Uneven Pushups)

    Each of those efforts will take between 8-and-12 minutes depending on the weight you use…people with heavy blocks/sandbags are going to suffer with those sets of 8 lunges/step-ups in particular.

    From there we have a little conditioning/get ripped workout made up of split jumps, thrusters (yep, again – just like Wednesday’s finisher) and situps!

    It’s been a great week – looking forward to week 4!

    The video includes demos on all exercises contained within the workout.

    See you guys soon,



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