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    At Home Strength – Week 2, Day 1

    Hey Team,

    Week#2 – Day#1 of our ‘AT HOME STRENGTH’ is out there for everyone who is looking to BE FASTER, STRONGER and BETTER by the time the gym re-opens.  And you don’t need ‘fancy’ gear (you know, like a barbell – though you can use one if you have one) – all you need is a Limestone Block and a kick-arse attitude!
    (Again – If you don’t want to use a limestone block…no worries.  You can use a sand-bag, kettlebell, barbell, dumbbell…anything HEAVY works!  I am using the block as an example of cheap, easily accessible exercise equipment.)
    Today’s session is split into three PHASES – a Conditioning block, a Squat ‘SIZZLE’ set and an arms focussed hypertrophy piece.
    – Just remember, you have some sprints to do – and I want NO INJURIES so make sure you have warmed up first.  Further – increase speed throughout the sets…don’t try to beat Usain Bolt in round 1.
    Sizzle Set:
     – Similar to last week but we have increased the time-cap to 45-seconds.  Take 60-90 seconds break between efforts here.
     – Remember to give yourself 5-seconds on the timer to change exercises…so set if for 20 seconds on, 5-seconds REST (18 rounds!).
    Here’s the Demo Video:

    See you guys soon,



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