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    At Home Strength – Week 1, Day 1

    Hey Team,

    Our FIRST ‘At Home STRENGTH’ workout is up for tomorrow (Monday March 30th) and you can find the video HERE:
    Let’s not over-complicate things – with this series I wanted to provide you with a STRENGTH PLAN for this time when you aren’t in the gym…and a “TOOL” you can use that everyone has access too. But if you HAVE a barbell, well you can use the barbell. If you have a kettlebell, you can use the Kettlebell. Or dumbbells. Or a sandbag. Or whatever. I chose to do the program using the limestone block – and without using gloves as was suggested to me by someone over text today…I mean, gloves?? Seriously! – because that is the lowest common denominator…$8.60 of good, old fashioned strength equipment…now isn’t the time to be fancy, now isn’t the time to spend a fortune on home workout equipment…now is the time to use your imagination, do things a bit differently. PLUS. A barbell has been created to be ‘EASY’ to lift…using some ‘DIFFERENT’ tools for a while (and a limestome brick is a good example of different) will give you a different challenge and help you continue to make progress.

    See you guys soon,



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