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    A Love Letter from Round 1

    Hey there,

    You might not be aware of this – but I’ve been a HUGE fan of your work in the gym for quite a while now.  In fact, you could say that I am probably your NUMBER #1 Fan!

    Now you might not realise it, but we have these amazing ‘secret agents’ all over the gym who see EVERYTHING that goes on…they watch and then they report back to me.  Anyway, let me tell you that they have had quite a bit to say about YOU in recent times.

    First off – this was a couple of months or so back – it was just a whisper or two…they would just mention your name in passing…more recently though, you are pretty much ALL they can talk about.  So much so that I have been making a special effort to watch what you have been doing as well…and it has been IMPRESSIVE.  I have even found myself thinking about the great work you have been doing during my OWN sessions…and pushing myself to ‘catch up’.

    The only concern I have?  You haven’t been giving yourself enough credit for all of the great work you have been doing!  Just GETTING to the gym a few times a week is a massive achievement – you have a BUSY life (and I would 100% understand if you were to tell me you had more than a little bit of stress!).  But you keep making the effort to show up, you keep making the effort to try as hard as you can when you are here…sure, you might miss a target on the bikes or skis every now and them but you ALWAYS battle on and finish them before you move on to the next station.  You battle on during the core work, hit the bags as hard as you can and ALWAYS pick up the heaviest barbell you can.

    In short, you are AWESOME.  And you are doing AWESOMELY WELL!

    YOU are the absolute heart and soul of our gym!

    We are lucky – so very lucky – that we have you – and people like you, coming in and training with us every day.

    Whenever you think about your training, remember this and remind yourself that you are doing exceptionally well.  And that whilst no-one can ever be perfect, you are doing a really good job of being ‘PERFECT’ given the rest of the stuff you have going on in your life.  Ultimately, it is so much easier just to give up, lay on the couch and eat chocolate – and wrap all of that up in the excuse of being ‘too busy’ or ‘too tired’ or ‘working too much’…and I think if you look around you will see that so many people in today’s world are doing exactly that.  But you are doing SOMETHING.  You are just trying so hard….and you deserve a heap of congratulations for that!

    So WELL DONE…and keep up the good work!

    See you in the gym,




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