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    90-days Down and all is…WELL???

    Hey R1 Team,

    We are rapidly approaching the end of March.  Which means a couple of things.

    #1 – Clancy’s birthday is not far away and I probably need to start thinking about getting her a present.

    #2 – This year is nearly 25% done.

    The first point is probably only relevant to me…the second one though – I mean, I guess the question to be asked is “Are you HAPPY with the progress you are making towards your 2021 Health and Fitness Goals”?  I know, I know – this whole goal-setting thing is a lot of gumpf to many of you (well, US really) but everyone has an idea in mind that they are going to be a little bit stronger, a little bit thinner, a little bit fitter etc…how are you going on that journey?

    I know for me, some days I feel I’m going OK.  Others, I feel it is all too hard.  I’m tired, I’m busy, it’s hot (etcetera!)…and ‘finding time’ to do the stuff I need to do is often the hardest of all.

    I guess one thing I could suggest is that the answers to the time crunch are all around us – but we simply need to know where to look.  For me – it is actually pretty easy to find positive examples of how to ‘Get it Done’…I look around at each of you guys and see a bunch of people with busy lives, work, businesses, families, sporting commitments, new babies, FIFO partners etc – you name it – and you are still in the gym each day slugging it out.  I find that really motivational and I often remind myself that if Bec can come to a PT session straight after a 10-hour night shift, then I can squeeze in 45 minutes in the middle of the day.  And if Justine can get herself in for the 7:45pm class with a new-born at home, then I can get in before work on Sunday morning and get some extra finished.  These examples could literally go on forever (and ever) and for those mentioned by name, well, if I have embarrassed you I didn’t mean to do that – you just jumped to mind when I was searching my (flimsy) brain for examples.

    To me, the people all around us in the gym every day are a constant source of inspiration and motivation – and pretty much every single one of them has some kind of little trick that they have learned/put in place that is helping them to get through it.  And each of them – no matter how ‘EASY’ that YOU THINK they are making it look – are fighting their own battle to get in the gym each day, eat well and live a healthy life.

    The help and inspiration we are all looking for (we all have days when we need it!) is all around us.  Other people in the gym can provide the inspiration we are looking for if we open our eyes to it.  That person in the cell next to you, working hard and improving?  Remember they are ‘just like you’ and fighting through their own personal pile of ‘crap’.  Watch what they are doing – hell, if you are feeling brave chat to them about it! – and if you can learn just one thing from their routine that helps you well you are one step further along the path to where you want to go!

    And back to the original point of this post – we are 90-days in (well, nearly).  If you aren’t happy with the progress you are making…get some help.  If my suggestion (chat to the people around you) isn’t cutting it or makes you feel uncomfortable, you can always book in for a Health Check, sit with a trainer for 30-minutes and really look at your food, your training, your sleep, your stress…you can do that here:

    (Oh – and I know the Health Check’s aren’t free but somehow they ARE less than the cost of a 30-minute PT session even though you get 30-minutes with a trainer AND a body scan…so it is $29 for $60 worth of value.)

    See you in the gym,




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