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    8x Healthy Habits for 2020!

    Welcome to 2020,

    Thanks to everyone who has been in to support us over the past few weeks.  Some of the classes have been absolute MANIA with the number of people we have been squeezing in and I know it has probably been far from ideal…that said, hopefully we struck the ‘right’ balance between enabling everyone to have a bit of a ‘break’ whilst still getting the gym doors open ‘enough’ to give everyone who wants to train the chance to train…

    Anyway, feedback on the way we managed it this year would be appreciated – just email me ( and let me know your thoughts.

    I gave a little bit of a “What’s coming up” preview in last week’s blog ( and I have received a couple of questions back about the SPARTA classes we have planned.

    YES – they will be part of the STRENGTH gym membership

    YES – they will use the HAMMER STRENGTH gear…but NO, I am not trying to recreate the ‘Hammer Time’ class with this program…that remains ‘in the wings’ for now.

    The FOCUS is to provide an INTENSE, 30-minute workout at a time when the strength gym is relatively quiet (the Developing Athlete classes kick off at 4:30) and give those people who WANT to train at 4pm a strength gym option.

    What else?  Not much really.  Please remember that we are still running a modified time-table for 1-more week…what this really means is that there are no 8pm classes for 1-more week but pretty much everything else is ‘as normal’.  Please do check the time-table on the Christmas hours sheet ( if you have any concerns…

    Today’s blog was actually put together as a ‘TIP TUESDAY’ post…and THEN it was turned into the ‘Healthy Habits’ section of the 12-Days-of-Christmas Challenge a month or so back.  And NOW…well, it is going to be reborn as ‘8-Healthy-Habits-to-Kick-Off-2020’!  Here goes!

    Healthy Habit#1:  Water.  (Target=2.5litres per day).

    This is 5x 600ml bottles each day. Set your timer – to get through this, you need to drink 1x bottle every 2x hours. So set a reminder – and fill up that bottle every 2x hours!

    Healthy Habit#2:  Breakfast: ‘BALANCE’ – Protein, Carbs AND Fats.

    Easy! If you are a bacon and eggs person, add some veggies (spinach, tomatoes etc)…those are CARBS! If you are an overnight oats person, add some yoghurt and some protein powder!  Eat a BALANCED meal – check your plate – carbs (tick), protein (tick), fats (tick)…DONE!

    Healthy Habit#3:  Morning ‘ROUTINE’

    Create for yourself a morning ‘feel good’ plan. My suggestion? A 4-pose YOGA sequence [Cat Cow, Cobra, Downward Dog and Childs Pose] where you hold each position for 10 seconds and go through 3-5 times. Or, get outside for a 10-minute walk then go through the ‘standard’ static stretching protocol we do after each class at Round 1.

    Healthy Habit#4: Food.  Have a plan.  Follow the PLAN!!!

    When you aren’t prepared – bad things happen.  Staring at the contents of the fridge wondering ‘WHAT’ you are going to eat often = ‘takeaway pizza’.  Standing in a food-court at 2pm on a Saturday having eaten nothing but a rushed piece of toast as you raced out the door at 8am to one of the kids sporting events?  That = ‘high sugar, high carbs’.  3x GOOD meals each day is what you need…particularly if you are training. Chicken and salad takes 10 minutes to prepare – and is worth its weight! Have an extra meal or two in the fridge at work AND at home for these occasions…eat well, feel good, your training will benefit and from there the results will flow.  It all starts with what you put in your mouth.

    Healthy Habit#5:  MOVE.

    You can’t be in the gym every day.  And honestly, you don’t NEED to be in the gym every day.  But you do need to MOVE – so get some of that in your life.  Get in the HABIT of having a 20-30 minute walk outside at lunchtime every day…maybe WALK the kids to school, ride your bike down the shops (or to the gym!).  Find reasons to MOVE – your lower back will 100% thank you for it (and you will 100% feel more energetic).

    Healthy Habit#6:  1st you train, THEN you recover.

    This is one I need to read 3 (or maybe 4x!). Every time you train, spend 5-minutes recovering. Join in the static stretches at the gym, roll on a foam roller, run through the YOGA routine I mentioned earlier…just spend 5x minutes setting yourself up to ‘feel good tomorrow’.  You don’t have to do a lot – but a little bit of post-session ‘looking after yourself’ will be worth its weight ‘the day after’.

    Healthy Habit#7:  Cut out the ‘MEAL Multi-Tasking’

    Good habits here team. Don’t eat at your desk – take 5 minutes (OK, maybe it is 10!) to eat your food, relax and – at least for a moment – unwind just a little. Your digestive system will thank you for it.

    Healthy Habit#8: Get OUT!

    Yep. I know. You’re in the office for long hours because you have a lot to do and you need to stay there ‘cos you need to finish ‘this’ before you go home…yep. Find a way to get outside for 30-minutes each day. Even if it is in small 10-minute doses – a quick walk, breathe…you WILL feel better, more energised and will be more productive.

    That’s IT.  8x Healthy Habits that I have been trying SO HARD to implement into my own life over the past 6-8 weeks or so.  I ride my bike to work these days, I have been a subscriber to a daily mobility program for about 3-years…now I am actually doing it.  I jump out of bed and do a little yoga routine…it IS making a difference and it DOESN’T take much effort!

    You are doing a LOT RIGHT.  Just making the effort to get in the gym a few times each week is something to be celebrated…if you could just maybe tidy a few other things up ‘around the edges’ – eat a bit better, recover a bit better – well, imagine how good you might feel then?

    That’s it.  Happy New Year (again).  See you in the gym!




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