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    The 800gChallenge – The TED Talk, why 800g and MORE!

    Hey Everyone,

    I’m hoping the challenge is going well for everyone so far – and if you aren’t ‘doing’ the challenge, I do hope that you are at least taking the time to really FOCUS IN on your eating during this extended time away from the gym.

    I have been getting quite a few questions coming through about ‘how much is how much’ (which I have been interpreting as “Do I really have to weigh it…can’t I just GUESS”).  Here’s my pretty simple response:

    You should weigh and measure your fruits and veggies at home or work – but if you are ‘on the road’ then of course you have to ‘estimate’.  The easiest way to do this is 1 cup of fruit/veg is approximately 100g (except of course for leafy greens which are ~25g/cup).  A closed fist is about the size of a cup. “Lighter” items are closer to 100g/cup and “heavier” items are closer to 160g/cup.

    And…here’s another thing.  If you ‘WEIGH’ everything in the first couple of weeks, you will find that – like the attendants at the deli counter down at “Tony Ale’s”, you get remarkably accurate at ‘GUESS-TIMATING’ how much EXACTLY is on your plate by week 4 (and beyond).  But please make an effort to measure EVERYTHING at this early stage!

    This challenge is run by OptimizeMe and you can read their version of my ramblings here.

    OptimizeME have also provided some other amazing resources to help us all get through!  I have listed a few of them below:


    See the founder of the #800gChallenge explain how nutrition can be simple AND effective (“elegant”) at TedX Boulder.

    SO WHY 800 GRAMS?

    Why 800 grams? What’s the magic behind this number? Learn about the science here. 


    Another great tip for hitting the 800g target is having cut up veggies like cucumbers and celery prepped to stave off hunger during your nightly dinner prep. It’s very easy to crush a couple hundred grams as you are waiting for the meal to cook. And this is way better than crushing chocolate, fried foods, or other calorically dense goodies!


    Fruits and veggies you can weigh before putting in a homemade smoothie count for the #800gChallenge. Juices (where the fiber is removed) do NOT count. But, are smoothies your best option? See more here.


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