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    #800g Challenge – Sign UP!!! – It Starts MONDAY!

    Hey Team,

    Our FREE Food-Based Challenge to keep us all on track during this COVID19 chaos starts THIS MONDAY, April 6th.

    What do I have to do?

    Well…that’s the thing.  Not much.  It is a cool little challenge that has been put together by EC Synkowski of OptimizeMe Nutrition and it is all about eating veggies…and fruit.  800g each day in fact.  I have had a couple of people say to me “I don’t want to do it because I don’t want to weigh my food”.  OK.  I get it.  But TWO (2) counters (maybe 3!).

    If you didn’t have a fuel gauge in your car, how would you know when to fill-it-up?  Measuring your food really is the #1 ‘big change’ that you *could* make to your eating in order to achieve your weight-loss/body composition goals.

    You ONLY have to measure your veggies and fruit.  And – whilst that doesn’t sound like it would be *much* easier, well, from someone who has done it the past 3x days…let me tell you, it is so simple to do!

    (Have you heard about this thing called Corona Virus?  None of us are allowed to go to the gym…so we should all have at least a few extra minutes each day to dial in our vegetable intake).

    Plus, this challenge comes with a cool little app where you can EASILY keep track of things…seriously, all you have to worry about with this today is actually EATING your veggies (just like your mum has been telling you since you were still in nappies!).

    Why should I sign-up? Can’t I do this on my own?

    You could, but just like it is easier to train/get your workouts done IN THE GYM than it is at home, it will be WAY easier to get to the end if we are all in it together, supporting one another.  PLUS, there is just something about taking the time to sign up and CLICK the ‘REGISTER’ button – taking the time to commit – that provides the motivation to get to the end!

    Plus you could win a Nike Voucher!

    All the signup details are here:


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