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    4-Week Trial – Developing Athlete Program

    Developing Athlete Program – 4-Week Trial
    There is an opportunity for SIXTEEN athletes to complete a 4-week trial of the Developing Athlete program at Round 1 Fitness.  The sessions run each weekday (Mon-Thurs) at 4pm – we encourage our athletes to attend 8-12 sessions per month (twice per week) to achieve great results.

    The trial will be limited to 16x athletes and the trial start date can be determined by the athlete – as long as it is between Monday, October 19th and Monday, November 16th.

    What is the Developing Athlete Program???

    The Developing Athletes Program has been created to provide a Strength and Conditioning solution for TEENAGE ATHLETES.  It follows a LINEAR progression with both strength progressions and skill development.  It introduces participants to the fundamental barbell movements, introduces primal extensions, provides drills for warming up + cooling down, it includes sprinting and change of direction drills…and last of all, includes a level of GPP focussed conditioning.
    For more information and details on our program, there are a heap of links on our website – I would encourage you to read the following articles 🙂

    What is the Developing Athlete Program

    Why Kids need to Strength train

    Strength training for (YOUNG) Athletes

    Welcome to the Developing Athletes Program

    How Much Does it Cost???

    The FOUR (4) WEEK TRIAL costs $70.  
    The 4-weeks can start ANYTIME from October 19th until November 16th and runs consecutively.  During the period of the trial, participants will have unlimited access to the DEVELOPING ATHLETE PROGRAM sessions (Mon-Thurs @4pm).  They will also have unlimited access to any of the ‘Boxing for Fitness’ sessions that run in the gym throughout that time.

    What do you get???

    This FOUR (4) WEEK PACKAGE includes:

     – FOUR Weeks Unlimited Developing Athlete Sessions

     – Developing Athlete Handbook – A 21-page guide covering the fundamentals of the program and associated eating plan for young athletes.

     – Strength wraps (valued at $20)

    How Can I sign up??

    Sign-up for the trial through our web portal HERE:  4-week DAP TRIAL

    This trial is limited to 16 participants.  You can choose your own ‘start date’ between Monday October 19th and Monday November 16th.


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