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    Opportunity = Time and Place, New Gear, Website updates

    Hi and welcome to another week,

    There were a couple of tortuous sessions last week.  After Monday’s 5-minute rounds featuring the combination Clean-and-Press / Burpee, I figured that class was in the 5 hardest we had ever done…then came Tuesday with the walking lunges (dumbbells overhead) and Wednesday with the power rope insanity and Thursday with the 4 stations on the wheel and Friday with all the push-ups…Anyway, it was a tough week.  And having completed the plans for next week, I can safely add that those classes aren’t looking like a bed of roses either!  This stuff is good for us…right?  Right???

    My little story from last week relates to Friday’s 12pm Body Work session (and that was another tough class!) and I was struggling a bit with a head cold, riding the bikes and feeling sorry for myself.  And I was feeling victimised by Leila who was taking the class (and behaving in her usual anti-social manner – I mean, gear 22 is a joke right?).  It got to the point where I decided I needed to do one of two things – forget about getting anything out of it and just get to the end of the class, or actually turn things around and have a real go.

    In the end I figured that whilst I might have a lot of chances to train, I was only going to get one chance to get the most out of the Body Work class at 12pm on May 13th.  And rather than go through the motions I had better turn things around and have a real go because no matter what I did for the rest of the day / week / month cruising through that class was going to be an opportunity lost.

    I have probably said this before, but the way I see it opportunity is about the intersection of time and place – if you don’t take advantage of that intersection then that chance will NEVER be there again.  In my case, I probably could have ‘slept walked’ through the 12pm class and had another go at doing Body Work ‘properly’ at 7pm…but even if I did that class, and trained as hard as I have ever done…the opportunity that was there at 12pm would still have been an opportunity lost.

    I have gotten to the stage where – to use a footy analogy – I have realised that there is no point getting to the MCG the day after the grand final ready to play the game of my life – you have to take your chances when the ball is bounced on the Saturday afternoon.  When the session is on – you need to go as hard as you can and get absolutely everything out of it.  Because no matter what you do later that day, or even later that week you can never get back that first chance you had.

    Gym Update #1

    As a few people might have noticed, we ran an internet-based promotion during the week using the Scoopon website.  It was a bit of an experiment – we have never really tried to mass-market a special offer before – and the response we received was a bit overwhelming.

    A couple of things:

    –         Apologies for not advertising the deal through these emails and the website.  The way a the Scoopon works is that the offer is marketed to Scoopon clients and we cannot promote it directly.  This is why we used our FACEBOOK group (please JOIN!) to notify members of the event rather than through our website.

    –         The BOOKING system for casual users (5pm and 6pm classes only, Monday-Thursday) has been in place for just over 1-month (started in the first week of April) but has never really been enforced.  Please understand that we WILL be enforcing this policy commencing this Tuesday – there will only be 10 (ten) spots for casual users (including 10-round pass holders) in those classes.  Remember, there is no requirement for members to book.

    Gym Update #2

    Power ropes, Kettlebells and new barbells.  Starting at the end, there should be an additional 4x20kg barbells arriving ‘soon’ along with a new rack…if you feel like you have heard that before, you are probably right – but we have simply been waiting on shipping. Regardless, they will be here soon enough which will enable EVERYONE who wants/needs to upgrade to the heavier bars to do so.

    Some new Kettlebells are also on order to enable us to add even more variety to our sessions.  We will be getting in 4 different sizes (8kg / 12kg / 16kg / 24kg) with 8 sets of each.  This is the next ‘stage’ in the plans for the rubber floor area…

    For those of you have noticed the Power Ropes seem to be wearing and splitting where they are fixed to the wall – hence the tape – I thought I would report some pretty amazing customer service from the supplier, Iron Edge.  They have responded to my questions about the ropes and the wear they are experiencing in a pretty straight forward way – they are replacing all of the ropes.  I am impressed and amazed at the customer service and support they have provided me (and by extension, all of you) and would encourage you to check out their site next time you are in the need of any kind of training equipment.

    Gym Update #3

    The promised website changes are now up – I hope that aside from the additional content, the changes to the homepage structure have made the site a lot easier to use.  All of the class/membership prices now live on their own page (strangely enough, called ‘membership’) which has allowed the ‘Contact Us’ page to be cleaned up…

    If anyone has any suggestions for new content or if there is anything else you need to see – please let me know.

    May Challenge Update

    Great to see a few more names on the board…but there are nowhere near enough.  Have a go, feel the burn and get to the end.   12-minutes on the Summit Trainer – level 12 for guys and level 8 for the girls.  If you really want to amp up your training and chase results, then this machine is the way to make it happen.

    Call to Arms – Fun Runners!

    As per the last couple of updates, if you are interested in doing the ‘Run for a reason’ events, I am happy to supply you with a free singlet to run in…just let me know.  I have had a few people take me up on the offer…if you want to

    Member Profiles

    As per my earlier notes about the website, the first few member profiles are now ‘UP’.  For those of you who have submitted one but don’t see it on the site yet, it will be there over the next couple of weeks or so – I just wanted to ‘trickle feed’ the profiles to make sure that part of the site remained ‘active’ and that each of those entries that go up are really ‘featured’.

    And…I would love some more members profiles!  If you are keen, let me know and I will either hand you a form or email you the template depending on your preference!

    Link of the week

    A few power rope variations in this weeks video…I can’t find the combination alternating one-arm swings / plyometric lunges that we all did on Wednesday last week, but I can report that they were quite hard!

    Anyway, that is it from me for another week.

    See you in the gym!



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