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    :boxing_glove: COCKBURN WOMEN: Ever wanted to try Boxing? :boxing_glove:

    We are looking for 20 Women in the Cockburn area that want to experience a new adrenalin rush!! Are you ready to transform your life? We want to empower you to get Lean, Fit and Strong by training like a fighter with our 28 Day Boxing Program.Through this ad only we are offering:

    :white_check_mark: Full access membership for 28 days
    :white_check_mark: Access to Boxing
    :white_check_mark: Access to Functional Fitness Sessions
    :white_check_mark: Free Body Scan on start-up.
    :white_check_mark: Free Boxing gloves
    :white_check_mark: Free Hand Wraps
    :white_check_mark: Free 10 Day Eating planAll for just $99!What are you waiting for?


    We accept all levels from beginners to advanced! :fire:

    Here’s what to expect:
    – Unlimited Boxing Classes to punch and sweat your way to a new, fit you
    – Unlimited Functional Fitness Classes to strengthen, shape and tone
    – Full gym access for 28 days
    – Complete 28-day nutrition guide- 36 healthy, delicious recipes designed to trim the waistline
    – Zero judgment and supportive environment
    – Accountability & Support from our coaches and our Amazing community
    – Weekly Tracking
    – Plus heaps more…

    :raised_hands: FREE BONUSES INCLUDED WHEN YOU REGISTER:raised_hands:

    – Free Body Scan on start-up.
    – Free Boxing gloves
    – Free Hand Wraps
    – Free 10 Day Eating planIt’s everything you need to get started all for just $99! :grinning:

    Click the link to Register:


Are you ready to make a change?

We know this can be a daunting time. You’re probably wondering if we really are the right fit for each other. And it’s OK! Many people before you, have felt the same, and that’s why we want to offer you something special – our $29 Health Check.

Let’s work out together to see if we’re the right fit. Just hit the button below to let me know if you’re ready to see what’s included.


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