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    28-Days-Later – Quick Hit Challenge Outcomes

    Hey Team,

    What can I say – the 28-Days-Later Challenge has been won and done for another year.  So far out of 83 who got to the starters blocks we have had 67 weigh-in…or a little more than 75% completion rate so far.  I know there are a couple of people (like me for instance!) who have completed the challenge but have not yet weighed in…BUT – a quick summary of result thus far:

    Average Weight Loss – Boys 3:00 kilos (Max:  7.2kgs)
    Average Weight Loss – Girls 2.38 Kilos (Max:  5.2kgs)
    Average Fat Loss – Boys 3.08 Kilos (Max:  8.4kgs)
    Average Fat Loss – Girls 2.37 Kilos (Max:  4.9kgs)
    Average Body Fat % Change -2.18% (Max:  4.9%)
    Average Muscle Gain – Boys +0.15 kilos (Max:  1.9kgs)
    Average Muscle Gain – Girls +0.09 Kilos (Max:  1.6kgs)


    A quick numbers review shows:
    -Boys weight loss (average) slightly less than usual rates (approx 300g down on lifetime average though max FAT loss number highest ever recorded).

    -Girls weight loss (average) continues to be almost 100% replicated from challenge to challenge.

    -Trend of muscle GROWTH (average) rather than muscle LOSS (average) continues and has been retained for 3x consecutive challenges now.

    All up – an amazing challenge and I will continue to review the numbers over the week and let you all know of any additional insights I have…I suspect NEXT week’s blog will be a fair bit of challenge reflection as I know it has led to a fair bit of soul searching (in my house at least).

    Anyway – I’ll be back later today with the blog for the week and hope you all found this interesting!

    See you in the gym,



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