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    Functional Fitness – Jan/Feb 2023 Training Block

    Hey Team,

    Now that the madness is (almost) over, it is time to get serious again with our training…which means we will be rolling out of our ‘holiday’ based program (simple strength progressions and metcons) and into something that aims a little ‘higher’.  

    2023 will kick off with a SEVEN (7) WEEK Oly lifting cycle that will focus on the power variation of both Snatch and Clean and Jerk whilst also incorporating a heap of barbell cycling within the conditioning components.

    Our plan is to really hit the ground running in 2023 with a real focus on developing speed and power…so let’s get ready to go! 

    Weekly Overview

    (1) Snatch Day 
    (1) Clean Day 
    (1) Deadlift Day 
    (1) Squat Day (Overhead – Front – Back)
    (1) Bench Day (Incline – Decline)

    Weekly Commitments

    Basic Program Details – Big Rocks

    There is a lot going on in this next programming block – a LOT.  Taking a bit of ‘Big Rocks’ approach – aka here are the week-by-week fundamentals, this is how it all looks:

    Week 1 – 9th January10-8-6-10-8-6 Hang Power Clean Hang Power Snatch Skill/ Position 8-8-8-8 Deadlift Overhead Squat Incline-Bench
    Week 2 – 16th January10-8-6-10-8-6 Hang Power Snatch Hang Power Clean + Jerk Skill/ Position 8-8-8-8 Deadlift Back-Squat Incline-Bench
    Week 3 – 23rd January8-6-4-8-6-4 Power Clean Power Snatch Skill/ Position 6-6-6-6 Deadlift Front-Squat Incline-Bench
    Week 4 – 30th January8-6-4-8-6-4 Power Snatch Power Clean Skill/ Position 6-6-6-6 Deadlift Overhead-Squat Decline-Bench
    Week 5 – 6th FebruaryTNG Power Clean + Jerk TNG Power Snatch4-4-4-4 Deadlift Back-Squat Decline-Bench
    Week 6 – 13th February1 Rep Power Clean Power Snatch Skill/ Position 4-4-4-4 Deadlift Front-Squat Decline-Bench
    Week 7 – 20th February1 Rep Power Snatch Deload

    As always – please send through any questions you might have to me:

    And – again – PLEASE remember to track your weights and performances in SugarWOD. Whilst ‘thinking’ that last time you did it you used 60kgs is 100% a cool way to track your progress, being able to quickly and easily check it in SugarWOD is WAAAAYYYY better…look after the little things team!

    See you in the gym,
    P.S. Don’t forget to check the year long outlook here:


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