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    Funky Fit Training Notes, Oct 22 – Jan 23

    Welcome to October everyone.  

    Thanks to everyone who came along to train with us last week.  I have been away for most of the past week – I was actually very proud of myself for getting a blog written while on holidays in Melbourne (  and it reminds me exactly how much ‘STUFF’ we have going on at Round 1 at the moment.

    1/.  We have the kick off (yesterday) of our modified boxing class programming for October.  I’m super excited for this and you can read more about it here:

    The Problem(s) with Programming a new session EVERY day!

    2/.  We have the Summer Slam starting next MONDAY.  You can read all about the Slam here ( and sign-up here (Summer Slam Signup).

    3/.  We have the ‘Tuesday Championship Series’ starting THIS WEEK – that was the subject of the blog I wrote in Melbourne so I wont relink to that again here.

    4/.  On top of all of that, we have the ongoing Ladies Strength Fundamentals at around about the 50% complete mark with the testing day (early November) coming up fast.

    5/.  Lastly – the initiative to provide weekly recipes, training ‘TIPS’ and video tutorials through email, our website and all of our social channels.  I know this seems trivial but having all of the coaches pulling together (well, Tracey forcibly dragging them ‘together’!) to provide this content has been a great initiative and added a lot to what we are able to provide you guys.

    I guess I am just really proud of all of the offerings we have running at the moment – the benefit of being away (even just for a week) – is that I can sort of see some of the hard work we are getting done rather than being caught in the middle of it all and just wishing MORE was being accomplished.

    This week’s blog is very Functional Fitness focussed – it is an overview of the programming we have planned between the start of NEXT week (October 10th) and the end of the year.  I am trying hard to keep you guys informed of the schedule on a so-called ‘JIT’ (Just In Time) basis so that it is ‘front of mind’ as we swing into each new schedule…hopefully this is hitting the mark with regards the content you want to see from us?  Please email me ( if there is additional things you want to see/here.

    As I noted in our last programming update message (You can refresh your memories here: our final ‘BLOCK’ for 2022 will be L-O-N-G – not 8, or 9 or even 10 weeks…but a full 12-week build.  This final strength phase for the year – which is the culmination of everything we have done to this point – will give everyone the opportunity to push, pull, press, drag and generally bust their butts into 2023.

    Now – I say this is the ‘culmination’ because the plan is to really ‘BUILD’ on what we have already done and chase heavy 2’s (doubles) for Deadlift, Front Squat, Bench Press and Push Press.  We will start with pre-program testing in the week of October 10 (so be prepared for some time under the bar early in the program) and from there we will be following a pretty classic linear progression with recommended % ranges…so what does that mean?  Well…it means TRACK YOUR WEIGHTS!  That’s what SugarWOD is for guys and it is so EASY to do!!

    If you are unsure how to use SugarWOD, please ask one of the coaches – or you can watch this quick little video demo here: 

    When you are following a linear progression like this, it is important to remember that you WILL have good and bad days and just BECAUSE the program say that ‘today’ you will go up by 10%, well – sometimes your body has other ideas.  It will be important to stay positive and make sure that regardless of how you feel, you are monitoring your EFFORT – you can only give what you can give!  Not hitting a target because you just don’t have “IT” today?  Well, that’s OK…not hitting it ‘cos you can’t be bothered today?  Well, that isn’t the way to come screaming out of this cycle with new PB’s and progress, progress, progress! 

    Functional Fitness Strength Cycle:  October 22-Jan 23: 

    Week Date Details
    1 10th Oct 2-REP Push Press / Deadlift / Front Squat // Bench Press.
    2 17th Oct 6×5 @ 70-75%
    3 24th Oct 5×4 @ 75-80%
    4 31st Oct 4×3 @ 80-85% 
    5 7th Nov 3×2 @ 85-90% 
    6 14th Nov 6×5 @ 75-80% 
    7 21st Nov 5×4 @ 80-85% 
    8 28th Nov 4×3 @ 85-90%
    9 5th Dec 3×2 @ 85-90%
    10 12th Dec DELOAD // RETEST (1-2 LIFTS)
    11 19th Dec DELOAD // RETEST (2-3 LIFTS)

    Anyway – that’s the plan for the remainder of 2022.  If you want to stick it on the fridge and take me to task when I change it at the last minute, well…I’m happy for you to do that.  And hopefully we can have a great conversation about why I varied the markers on what SHOULD be a simple yet incredibly effective block of training!

    Here’s to getting stronger and faster!

    See you in the gym,



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