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    Tuesday Championship Series

    Hey Everyone,

    I’m writing this week from a balcony in North Melbourne…we’re (Vanessa, Dempsey and I) still in Melbourne…we are heading down the surf coast later today (Sunday) for a few days of ‘beach time’.  Weather over here has been pretty amazing so far – those sunny spring days that seem to exist ‘only’ in Melbourne (probably because winter here is that much tougher than every other Australian city).

    What have we been doing?  Well…walking.  And then walking some more.  I’ve racked up 20000+ steps every day so far…it’s amazing how much walking you do when you don’t have a car and you are in a city where you THINK you know your way around (‘cos at one time in your life you lived here and ‘did’) but, well, you’re old now and your sense of direction isn’t QUITE what you would like to think it would be.  Outside of that, just seeing some old friends, eating far too much food…you know, having a holiday.

    Anyway, today’s blog is going to be a pretty short one – I just wanted to let you all know that when the calendar ticks over into October we are going to be trialing a bit of a new concept every Tuesday – the “Tuesday Championships”. 

    What this will look like is as follows:
    Every Tuesday we will run a ‘Day Long’ challenge.  The challenge will roll from week to week between bike, sled, rower, ski or SPARC.  Each ‘class’ (for example, 4:50am is a ‘class’, 6am is a ‘class’) and everyone who trains at that time is part of the ‘team’.  So throughout the day we will keep track of the ‘score’ – either distance travelled, calories burned or sled push ‘laps’ – and the ‘class time’ that wins the day will be awarded the ‘BELT’ for that day/piece of equipment.

    I hope that makes sense so far.

    THEN – in 5x weeks time (after we have done all 5x pieces of equipment) we will start again…at that point, there will be TWO challenges in place.

    Challenge #1 – Beat the performance that ‘you’ (the class time) achieved 5x weeks ago.

    Challenge #2 – Beat the other class times on the day…again, another championship belt will be awarded.  

    We will track all of these times/performances in SugarWOD and will be able to look back and see who has improved etc…this is supposed to be FUN – not add pressure to everyone’s workout – and honestly if there are 15x people doing a class and some of those don’t want to participate…well, I honestly don’t care…if you don’t want to do it, don’t do it.  BUT – the challenges we do from time to time tend to really add a good boost to my own workouts (I don’t necessarily care about winning – but I sure as heck don’t want to be down the bottom!) and hopefully the ongoing ‘challenge’ will give everyone a bit of a ‘kick along’ to have a great session driving some great results!

    We obviously need to go through ‘one round’ of the challenges before all of the details can be finalised, but in principle each Monday we will:

    Let everyone know what the challenge for the ‘next day’ will be.  Like I said, it will be Bike, Rower, Ski, SPARC and Sled.

    Let everyone know what ‘THEIR’ score was the previous time we did that particular challenge.

    Let everyone know who the REIGNING champs are (eg.  Team 12pm!) and what the score was for EACH class the day before the challenge.  It is probably unrealistic to expect a SMALL group session like 12pm would beat a BIG class like 9:15am, BUT, they could still beat their score from last time.

    That’s sort of it!  I’m really hoping everyone gets into the swing of things over the next couple of months – that this little ‘championship series’ is as much fun as I’m hoping AND that my team wins at least ONCE.

    Before anyone asks, the introduction of the Five (5) x ‘Standard’ classes that we will use throughout October is still planned – it will start this Saturday on October 1st.  This little ‘Tuesday Championship’ idea will simply lay over the top of that…I guess it’s one way we’re going to be introducing little ‘extras’ to make sure that whilst the ‘bones’ of each workout are known/well understood, every class will still be ‘different’!

    See you all in the gym,



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