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    Over-commit AND Over-Deliver (Or Just Deliver).

    Some AMAZING classes in the past week or so – I really love-love-loved the following (in particular):

    Monday Box – The return of Roxanne and the Team SPARC challenge

    Wednesday Box – 9 reps every bell (or thereabouts, depending on what you managed to get away with).

    Friday Funky – The 1 + ½ squats and the fact that Steve made me do more reps than I had wanted to!  Peer pressure is the worst!

    I particularly loved running that Wednesday 9-rep thing I mentioned above but that was more about watching people really push themselves to work hard/push to the end than anything else…it is pretty inspiring getting to watch you guys just get in and get work done sometimes.

    I’m really enjoying the vibe in the gym right now – maybe it’s the challenge, maybe it’s the less than optimal weather which means the people in the gym REALLY want to be in the gym…anyway, it feels like it is a fun time every day and it is making it SOOOO much easier to get my sessions done.

    I was asked the following question about the challenge the other day:

    “If you’ve been running challenges for nearly 12-years – and you are still participating in EVERY challenge – how do you stay motivated?  And I don’t want to hear anything about doing it because your clients are doing it because half the other trainers don’t do it…”

    So – I’ve been thinking about this (a lot) and I have to admit I was kind of dreading this current challenge.  I found 28-days-later REALLY hard this Feb – for one reason or another getting my extras done, prepping my food just seemed harder than it had EVER been before.  And the idea of running that back?  I kind of had the “Yeah-Nahs” about it.  But in the end I laid my money down (yep, just like you guys I pay the entry fee for the challenges – it 100% helps my brain ‘commit’) and these are the reasons why.

    First off – it’s about making myself a bit uncomfortable/anxious/etc.  Jumping into the challenge causes a bit of mental stress – it is a tough month where you have to manage/control your food and get your act 100% together with your training.  It always seems like road-blocks come in waves – this week they have come thick and fast with staff availability, a shoulder that feels as if it has decided it really doesn’t want to be attached to the rest of my body anymore and catered meals (and not in a good way) at the footy club on both Tuesday and Thursday night.

    It’s funny isn’t it – there are times when you feel like you are in the groove/on a roll – training is getting done, you have a meal prep ‘plan’ that works and all is well.  Other times it feels like just grabbing a piece of toast as you race out the door in the morning is an achievement!  Being able to ‘keep on rolling’ when the road-blocks come is a SKILL (it isn’t luck) and one based on having a combination of well-developed habits and some determination to do right things right.  Of course, some manageable expectations about what you can achieve given your ‘current’ circumstances wouldn’t go astray!

    You do need to remind yourself that you don’t need to be perfect in order to stay ‘On Track’.  Some days I’m in the gym training and work as hard as I can – I finish the session and feel pretty satisfied with my effort/attitude/whatever.  Other times, well, let’s just say when the session ends I am less than thrilled with what I have just “accomplished”.  Those are the times I need to remind myself of a couple of things.

    #1 Given the OTHER stuff I could have been doing, the 45/60 minutes spent training was probably on the high end of what would have benefited by health/fitness.

    #2 There is no-one I need to impress with this stuff – I am not being judged by my effort.

    #3 The end goal is just to live a fit and healthy life and keep the kegs off – I am NOT going to the next Olympics.

    #4 Of all the ‘non-gym’ people I know, not too many of them are even doing the ‘bare minimum’…

    In other words, whilst ‘SOMETHING’ surely isn’t perfect, it is significantly better than ‘NOTHING’.  And just moving – some running, some squatting, some lunging and pressing – keeps me feeling ‘mobile’ which, as I get older, is what I seem to be valuing more than anything.  The idea of not being able to do ‘STUFF’ is the thing that (still) annoys me more than anything else.

    Back to the challenge.  Due to personal circumstances, Alex, Tracey and Eden were all away from work for extended periods last week.  I genuinely COULD NOT do a single group session on Tuesday or Wednesday (I was RUNNING them)…which is bad when you have committed to do FOUR (4) every week.  It was made worse when I realised that Saturday was out (footy) and Sunday was out as well (working running classes)…which meant I had 3x days (Mon, Thursday and Friday) to complete 4x classes…which meant the dreaded ‘DOUBLE Session’ was going to be needed if I was going to stay in the game!  Friday was nominated as the day, and I dutifully got through the boxing session at 12pm and backed it up with Functional at 5:30pm.

    This is what the challenge does.  It reminds you what IS and what isn’t possible.  It reminds you that even though life is busy – there IS a way to get things done if you are determined to place an importance on living a fit/healthy life.  It reminds you that all of the excuses you have allowed to impact on your ‘life balance’ (I suspect I mean the excuses I have let impact on MY life balance!) are exactly that – excuses – and there is 100% always time for things you treat as important.

    So…there you go.  Long live the challenge – and here’s to a successful final two weeks.

    See you in the gym,



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