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    28-Days-Later Revisited: We are GO!

    Hey Everyone,

    Thanks to everyone who managed to get into the gym during what was a freezing cold week in the middle of winter 2022.  I have NO DOUBT that we will all be rewarded for our efforts come summer time – all looking amazing in our boardies and swim-wear…well, if only we could resist the appeal of a glass of red and a piece aka block of dark chocolate after dinner every night!  Aargh well – at least we aka I will be FIT!  

    Seriously though, loved my training sessions last week – boxing was great and had that old-school vibe in full flow…Funky kicked off the new training block and it was good to get that reset and start chasing some goals/targets again…I got off to a reasonable start with a solid back squat triple and am looking forward to seeing some improvements over the next 8-weeks.  It was also the week when we kicked off the new “Boys Club” session on Wednesday nights (7pm)…thanks to those gents who got along to support the new program!

    This week – well…this week is HUGE!

    The new Beginners Boxing class kicks off tomorrow (Monday) at 7pm.  The idea is to cover off some fundamental boxing technique (10-12 minutes) and do an abridged version of a class to help people who are new to the gym get into the groove…

    We are just one week away from the new girls strength program – a 3-month build to a single rep testing day.  We will spend 13-weeks building our core lifts (1x Instructor led session + 1-2 ‘homework’ sessions) before we test everyone’s MAX lifts in November.  Get Excited.

    The 28-days-Later challenge (Revisited version) kicks off tomorrow.

    So – with the challenge, here’s the current state of play:

    For everyone who has their pack and has done their body scan – just bring your sign-off sheet to the gym each day and:

    Sign off your pre-class warm-up before each session.

    Get the trainer to sign of your class participation (4x per week).

    Complete your ‘Food Compliance’ each day (on the back of your sign-off sheet).

    Complete your 2x extras each week 

    Now – if you haven’t had your scan done yet for whatever reason, we really need to do that asap.  We are struggling for staff right now (COVID + a bit of a family emergency is taking a bite on availability) BUT it only takes 2-3 minutes.  Get in EARLY.  Be PATIENT.  We will get it done…now – you cannot scan AFTER a class so please don’t ask to do things in that order.

    If you want to participate but haven’t signed up yet: 

    Yes – we will need to get you a pack and get you scanned etc but if you want to have a go it isn’t too late…I’m keen and have signed up because I want to get my food/training back in order sooner rather than later…if you feel the same way, then jump onto the booking site and have a crack!

    If you are looking for the ‘HOW TO’ videos for each of the ‘Extra’ workouts, you can find them on this YouTube playlist: 

    You can join the Challenge Specific Facebook group HERE:

    Facebook Group: 

    What else can I say – let’s get this!  If you have questions, I would really encourage you to post them in the Facebook group – that way the answers can be seen (and hopefully conversation contributed too) by everyone!  As much as I like to thing I have ALL the answers, there are often solutions to little ‘challenge problems’ that other participants have come across before…

    Let’s do this!

    See you in the gym,



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