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    28-Days-Later Revisited is GO!!

    Hey Everyone,

    Thanks as always to everyone who got along to a session (or two) last week.  It does sort of feel like there is a LOT going on right now:

    Dad’s Bod Blaster has finished and the new ‘Boys Club’ will take up a 6-week residence starting at 7pm this Wednesday.  (Yep – Strength membership gets you access).

    The ‘Women’s Only – Strength Fundamentals’ is in it’s 3rd and final phase with just 3x weeks to go.

    ‘Fully Loaded’ – Our lifting only/no-cardio has taken residence on Sunday’s (9:15, Strength Gym) and has been extended from the initial 6-week run to 3-months.

    ‘Beginners Boxing’ is just ABOUT to kick off (7pm Monday) – 30-minutes how to session designed for everyone who is getting started.

    CHOOSE-DAY’ has taken over the Sunday, 8am Functional Fitness session so you can come in and ‘pick your poison’ – 1x upper body lift + 1x lower body lift – and focus on either your weaknesses or avoiding your sore spots!

    Last (but not least), the 28-Days-Later Challenge is just 1-week away.

    Note:  You can find all of the info/sign up for the challenge here:

    Now – I know this challenge is a complete replay of what we did back in Feb…but that’s good.  Because it got us great results then and it will do the same again.  And I know – for me at least – that the past couple of months have been a real challenge in terms of getting my sessions done and sticking to the straight and narrow path when it comes to my food and drink.  And yep, I can hear all the “Life’s too short” advocates out there shaking their heads at me already – sadly it would seem the days are not too short for chocolate chip cookies but they ARE too short to get a gym session done!  It’s one of life’s great contradictions right?  It’s too short for this, but not too short for that…

    On a (marginally) more serious note, the last few months HAVE been very hard.  I haven’t had COVID – but the rest of my house has.  I DID get an absolute ball burster of a cold that really knocked me off my fulcrum for the best part of 3-weeks – and has made returning to ‘full capacity’ hard…the whole ‘do the cardio now’ thing became “well, i’ll do the cardio now…and for a little longer after everyone else has finished”.  So, it took some time to get back to getting ‘the most’ out of the sessions, which clearly isn’t as good as getting ‘the most’ out of the sessions.  That’s the problem with going at your own pace right and it becomes a habit that is hard to break.

    Of course, when you aren’t training as much (or as hard), it is somehow so much harder to stay focussed on your food – or at least it is for me.  Somehow a couple of the awesome food habits I had established in the last 28-days run through – and held on to all the way through until late May when I got sick – overnight oats every day, prepped salad for lunch – have gone, baby gone and I just cannot reset them.  I know it sounds stupid because I KNOW what I need to do, but my new habit (egg on vegemite toast) is easy and delicious…of course, it is very light on protein and if I would only add some veggies it might be perfect but ‘big job that’ and I just need to RESET!

    Anyway – if you are like me and need a reset OR if you have never done a challenge before and want to give it a try, well, there will never be a better time.  This one is essentially half-price ($50 if you didn’t do it in Feb) or less than that ($20) if you already participated (like I did).  The info night is this Wednesday at 6pm, the weigh-ins are on Saturday morning AND we are go-go-go from Monday.

    Click here to read all the details and sign-up for the challenge:

    See you in the gym,




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