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    New Mats are go, Functional Fitness July/August Training Notes

    Hey Team,

    Welcome to another week!

    Those clear days are beautiful…but have been making for some FREEZING cold mornings and nights!  Bit congrats to everyone who has been getting in and getting it done early (and late)!. Luckily for us the 21st of June has now come and gone so the days are officially getting LONGER (if not exactly warmer)…

    Massive thanks to Boris and Shannon for the assist in installing the new rubber flooring in the boxing gym during the week.  I really do think it has transformed the place…my original plan was to re-tape/re-mark all of the cells but having got the floor down I really don’t want to do that…I mean, I think it is pretty obvious that the ‘station’ you are at includes a bag, speedball or floor-to-ceiling ball, cardio machine and a barbell or two…marking it out was pretty important during the height of COVID19 but I think we are ‘past’ that now and we all understand the precautions we need to be taking (disinfecting our hands, wearing a mask when a close contact, staying away when we have flu-symptoms) and putting some lines on the floor has become pretty superfluous.  Anyway, let me know what you think about the new floor and the way it has opened up the front of the gym…

    Today’s blog is VERY Functional Fitness focussed – we are about (well, one week from now) to enter a new strength block and if you want to know the details, read on:

    I have really enjoyed/appreciated the deload/destress accessory focus of the past couple of weeks (and the week ahead).  It gave us the chance to do some new movements, amp up the length of some metcons and generally ‘take the pressure off’…I think it has been great.  Speaking of ‘taking the pressure off’, dont forget we are trying to turn Sunday’s into a bit of a ‘go your own way’ workout:

    -First we run the ‘Choose-DAY’ workout (8am) where you can choose the upper body and lower body movement you would like to do (for example, today I did bench press and back squats, a couple of cells over Adam did muscle-ups and Box jumps!!!).  Allows you to fill in the gaps of what you missed during the week or prioritise a movement YOU are trying to get better at!

    -Then, at 9:15am we run Fully-Loaded, Alex’s lifting only, body building style workout focussing on one body part per week…

    Our next Strength Cycle will kick off in a weeks time (July 4th) and will revolve around some extended hypertrophy work (mod-high reps, lighter weighs) and will include two oly lifting cycles – hang power snatch and power cleans.  The cycle itself will be NINE weeks and the key testing metrics will be 3-rep Back Squat and 3-rep Strict Press.  Throughout the cycle, we will utilise higher rep schemes with the plan being every 2-weeks the reps go down (and hence the weights go up!).  Of course, we will also be using a variety of accessory work – also expect shorter rest intervals as we target hypertrophy.

    WEEK 1 (11 July) → 3-Rep Back Squat & Strict Press Test + Accessory

    WEEK 2 (18th July) → 3×10 Back Squat (Box) // 3×10 Strict Press (Z-Press) + Accessory

    WEEK 3 (25th July) → 3×10 Back Squat (Box) // 3×10 Strict Press (Z-Press) + Accessory

    WEEK 4 (1st August) → 3×8 Back Squat (21X1) // 3×8 Strict Press (21X1) + Accessory

    WEEK 5 (8th August) → 3×8 Back Squat (21X1) // 3×8 Strict Press (21X1) + Accessory

    WEEK 6 (15th August) → 3×6 1+½ Reps of Back Squat // 3×6 1+½  Reps of Strict Press + Accessory

    WEEK 7 (22nd August) → 3×6 1+½ Reps of Back Squat // 3×6 1+½  Reps of Strict Press + Accessory

    WEEK 8 (29th August) → Back Squat & Strict Press Deload 

    WEEK 9 (5th September) → 3-Rep Back Squat & Strict Press Retest

    So…there you have it.  Our next two months of Funky sessions are in the book/on the map – with the two (2) x Oly cycles, you can assume as follows – the first 4-weeks of the cycle will be Hang-Power-Snatch and then we will switch to Power Cleans for the final 4-weeks…we will (of course) be integrating all of the loaded carries, sled work and continuing our athletic development program…our plan is to keep everyone as strong and mobile as they can be for as LONG as they can be.  One thing I have founded as I blast through level 5 (50 years) and beyond, when you ‘stop’ doing something (stop running, stop skipping, etc) you soon find you cannot do it at all…we don’t want that!

    See you in the gym,





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