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    How you think it will feel VS How it ACTUALLY feels!

    Hey Team,

    Welcome to another week.  Big congrats to everyone who has been participating in all of the ‘STUFF’ we have had going on lately:

    Strong Women Project

    Dad Bod Blaster

    Funky Fit – End of block Strength Testing (one week to go)

    Funky Fit – Murph Workout (last Saturday)

    There is seriously so much happening!  Me – I’m still battling away post-illness trying to get a ‘FEW’ (literally, that’s still about all I can manage) sessions done each week but I am slowly getting better…pushing the sled in boxing class last week though? Well, I’m not sure that’s ever felt more challenging and I first purchased those prowler sleds in 2012!

    I have a fun little post-today that is all about the way things feel when returning to the gym from a break (or from an illness imposed break like me).  It is based on a ‘tweet’ I saw last week (thanks as always to the amazing Art of Life – Click to view!!!) called ‘10 Powerful Visuals about Psychology and Life’.

    What can I say – I LOVE that picture.  I 100% LOVE it.  I really don’t know how to sum up ‘gym life’ – and for that, you can read all elements of it (training, eating, getting in recovery, managing your sleep, EVERYTHING) and not just the training part.

    I will talk about my return to training a couple of weeks back (and it has been a SLOW and STEADY return).  First off, I was 100% dreading how ‘HARD’ it was going to be.  My lungs were (hell, ARE) still not what they were and – one thing about my job – I knew the class I was booked in to complete (Lunchtime Boxing) was a challenging one.  Basically, I was concerned about making a goose of myself and not being able to finish.

    Reality?  It was HARD.  It was actually really hard.  But the first 10-mins was by far the hardest and from there I sort of built into my work and I got to the end.  It was ‘tough’ but it was manageable as long as I focussed on working at my pace and getting to the end…my first class back (and for all of you newbies out there, your first class/first MONTH or so of classes!) didn’t have to be a world record attempt.  And whilst at the end I didn’t exactly feel like I was happily juggling balls above my head (as in the picture), I DID feel a sense of accomplishment and I KNEW whilst I wasn’t quite ready to go at ‘100%’, I learned that I would be able to get back into my training routine and start the build BACK to 100%.

    You can use whatever other example you want here but I want to use meal-prep and – in particular breakfast.  Not so long ago, I was super frustrated with my inability to get my breakfast organised each day – I was getting to the gym at 4:40am with no brekky – with the plan to ‘head home and cook’ around 10:30am.  The problem of course was I would get to work and start working…and before I knew it, the lunch time sessions were running and if I wanted to train it was ‘now or never’ and not only have I not eaten breakfast but I haven’t eaten lunch later and…I somehow built the problem up in my mind to be ‘bigger’ than it was.

    Why?  Well, during the 28-Days-Later challenge in 2020 I managed to lose 1.2kgs of muscle and gain 1.8kgs of fat (like, the OPPOSITE of what we all hope for) and – rather than step back and assess what was really going on I blamed the whole thing (fat gain) on overnight oats.  Was it overnight oats?  Well…as it turns out – “probs not!!!”.  I did a pretty careful 2-week block of tracking my cals (something else I built up to being ‘too hard and takes too long’ mainly because I didn’t want to do it – it’s easy with MyFitnessPal) and worked out the ‘right’ ratio of oats, fruit and yoghurt for my overnight oats…from there, I starting making them every night, breakfast every morning, bing-bang-boom!

    Things are always hardest BEFORE you do them.  Once you start doing them consistently, you realise that there IS time, it ISN’T that hard, and you CAN 100% do it!  And whilst at the end, you might not feel like juggling but you will certainly feel that you have a plan in place that is both actionable and achievable!

    See you in the gym,



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