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    Got a PROBLEM? Then Let’s “DO” something!

    Hi Team,

    It’s school holidays and Easter is NEARLY upon us…this year is moving past at a rapid rate.  I really want to say a big thanks to everyone who got into the gym last week – I know a lot of people have been battling with COVID and isolations and all of the other craziness associated in 2022 and let me tell you, we exist in a pretty ‘vulnerable’ industry and 100% appreciate the support each of you give us…apparently (apparently) the rent has to be paid! 

    One of my biggest frustrations when I was living the corporate life was that it took so long to actually DO anything.  A problem would arise and ‘finding a solution’ would be the task that was assigned.  This would (of course) lead to a meeting (no doubt several meetings) and potentially the creation of some kind of focus group.  Anyway, after a lot of meetings and focussing, those people would recommend a solution – or most likely, a series of options to solve the problem – and the action that was decided upon would usually be “Well, we’ve had a work around in place since this thing “BROKE” and that isn’t costing us anything…we’ll just leave it for now…”.  Then it would “break” (yep, again) and the original solutions would be reviewed, then of course a budget cycle would have to be changed and blah blah blah.  Anyway, it used to take forever to actually DO anything and the thing I like about the gym is that I can mostly do whatever I want, whenever I want.  

    But I would like to ask a simple question today – “In your own life are you acting like a ‘corporation’ or are you acting like you are ACTUALLY in charge of your own immediate future?”

    It is always going to be true that ‘right now’ you don’t have ALL of the information required to make the perfect decision about exactly HOW to ‘move forward’ right now…but you are quite literally an army of one.  If you want to start taking a bit better care of your nutrition, you can do that today – you DON’T need to research the ‘perfect plan’…what you can do is simply START being better by making 2x simple changes – and then research your perfect plan in the background and make adjustments on the fly.

    Likewise, if you are wanting to change things up at the gym and swing between boxing and funky or start working in some Hammer classes (or even some independent work in the Hammer strength area), well – you don’t have to wait for the 27 moons of Saturn to be in some sort of alignment (sorry, I care very little about SciFi or Astronomy)…what you should do is change things up today.  Again, change TWO THINGS about your current routine and just get on with it!

    Saying you wouldn’t know where to start, well…I mean – just because you have more to learn about something doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take action RIGHT NOW.  Ultimately (if I stick with the Hammer Strength example) you know the following information going in:

    -They are weights.

    -I’m going to lift them.

    You can add to this a simple plan:

    -I will lift each of the weights 10x.

    Is that right?  Is it wrong?  Who knows?  Who (ultimately) cares?  What I do know is after spending 30-minutes of your time there – and maybe asking one of the coaches a couple of questions when you are done – you will know a lot more about it than you did going in…and you would have taken some POSITIVE action AND effected a POSITIVE change.  Remember, you are an individual – you are agile…you can make a change from tomorrow!  You can actually make a change RIGHT NOW.

    Not only are you 100% capable of effecting an immediate change – remember, it’s only YOU we are talking about here – but rather than trying to create the ‘perfect’ solution (as so many of us do – Dr. Google has damned us with so much easily available data and information and it really can be paralysis by analysis) you are actually BETTER OFF just making a small change or two…trying to totally revamp your entire life – for example, changing from not eating breakfast and a takeaway lunch to meal prep for both meals 5x days per week…well, that’s really hard.  If you just want to take a small step in the right direction – “I’m eating breakfast 5x per week and breakfast is overnight oats” you can do that from TOMORROW.  It will take 5x minutes to prepare a week’s worth of food and a little bit of discipline each morning to make sure you eat it…problem ‘solved’.  I mean, the lunchtime takeout isn’t ideal but that can come later once the first habit is solved.

    You have to remember as well that when you are trying something different, it is a genuine numbers game – you need to do something over (and over) again to get good at it.  You need “reps” to get good at things.  You can’t walk into a Funky Fit class and expect to know ‘everything’ on day 1.  You are going to feel uncomfortable, you are going to be confused.  That’s OK.  The coaches WILL help – but EVEN THEN it is going to take time to learn, it is going to take time to feel comfortable.  Just like your first boxing class when everyone was buzzing about grabbing kettlebells and slam bags and you were totally confused, after a few weeks of training you will start to feel more capable and more comfortable…you wont feel these things for a while – none of us are experts on day#1 – and the only way you ever will is through simple persistence!

    Lastly, don’t assume everyone else is like you.  Just because something ‘works’ for them, doesn’t mean it will work for you.  And vice versa.  All you can do when you are making a change is try it out for yourself and assess the impact (positive or negative) of so doing.  Assuming that because something worked for “Joe” that it will also work for you???  It doesn’t work that way.  Likewise, what didn’t work for Joe?  Well, no reason not to give it a go – you need to develop your own frame of reference.

    So to sum all of this up, let me just summarise:

    -We are AGILE and can quickly make changes to our routine…all we need is a little bit of drive and a willingness to be ‘uncomfortable’ for a few days.

    -Every new thing you do is a numbers game.  The more you do it, the better you will get and the more capable you will be of doing it again!

    -Everyone is different – you need to try things for yourself and develop your OWN frame of reference.

    See you in the gym!




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