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    Stop the Crazy Rush-Rush-Rush!!

    Hey Team,

    Just a quick blog about some changes we are proposing for APRIL (and hopefully beyond).

    I don’t know if anyone can remember the days “B.C.” (Before COVID) but…back in those days a world existed where our Boxing for Fitness classes used to:

    Start on the HOUR.

    Start with DEMOS of every exercise.

    Go for ‘somewhere’ between 38 and 50 minutes.  (Though we claimed 45-minutes the changing length of the rounds etc meant that some classes were slightly longer than others).

    Finish with a group stretch.

    Then we were hit by COVID, we restructured the gym to introduce the CELL-based model (thanks Boris!) and government restrictions limited us to 20x people in a class…the problem of course was that at 5am we had MORE than 20-people…at 6am, we had MORE than 20 people, at 9:15am we had MORE than 20 people…I’m sure you get the idea.  SOOOOO, we opened a little bit earlier, cut the sessions to 32-minutes and added a heap more class times…that way we didn’t need to worry quite as much about the 20-person maximum (because there were more class times so everyone could ‘spread out’ a little bit more).

    If I fast-forward through the next 24-months, there has been a pretty big evolution in the Boxing sessions.  What immediately post-COVID was a fairly limited program (as we were keen to ensure zero sharing of equipment for obvious reasons) has become a lot more fluid as we slowly re-integrated components of our ‘OLD’ sessions into the new CELL-Based structure – sleds, team challenges, multiple pieces of cardio per session, multiple strength implements per session…it has gotten to the point now where the current classes are essentially carbon copies of the old ones – there are just a lot less whiteboards, a lot more yelling by the coaches and (of course) not as much moving around…

    There is still TWO (2) main difference between the old world and the new though…

    1/.  The old classes were LONGER.  

    Now there is no doubt that the intensity level of the new sessions is 100% off the charts…there is literally ZERO break for the 30-minutes (or 40 minutes for ‘later’ aka after 7am sessions) and that is both GOOD and BAD.  Those moments where you were moving between groups actually gave a bit of respite – a bit of a chance to chat to the person next to you, banter with the coach etc.  It somehow made the whole thing feel – even though it was ‘longer’ a lot more manageable…

    2/.  Time after class to stretch and chat (and at the start for demos).

    EVERY class used to start with demos of each activity – and there ALWAYS used to be a 10-15 minute break between sessions to stretch, chat, buy protein, learn how to put wraps on etc.  Now – we did adjust the sessions to run every 45 minutes around this time last year to try and assist in ‘recreating’ this process, but instead we quickly ate up that ‘extra’ time up by extending those classes to around 38-40 minutes…which again meant running into a hard cap as the new sessions would be due to start.  Now, on Sunday’s we have been s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g things out…but on Sunday’s we have a LOT of time between classes (the first is at 8, the second not until 9:15am),  So Sunday’s we have time.  Anyway, I’m clearly RAMBLING now.

    Cutting to the chase, from April 1st there are going to be some changes – we have been (for a long-time) determined to return to running primarily 45-minute sessions with classes starting ‘on the hour’ to give coaches time to stretch, answer questions and generally ‘coach’ rather than (as it has felt for a while) rushing people out the door the second the class is over.  We have noticed that there has been ONE of the new session times (5:25am) that has been (VERY) well supported and we don’t want to lose that.  There is also a good reason to run a 30-minute session at lunch-time (it’s designed to be done in a lunch break!) and also late at night.  SO, to cut to the chase it is going to look a little like this:

    Our intention at lunchtime will be to run a 30-minute class – so (of course) people who need to head off and get back to work will still have that opportunity.  That said, my intention is that this class will be extended to the full-duration (45) for those who are able to stay…

    Is this the ‘FINAL’ plan?  Well, obviously I have no idea right because what I want to do is TRIAL the new plan for a few months, BUT I am pretty determined to make a return to primarily 45-minute sessions AND enable the return of post session stretching etc after MOST classes (though that is still going to be a challenge when we are running those 30-minute back to back sessions in the mornings…).

    APRIL 1st is the date for the scheduled change – so a week from Friday.  The time-table is already up on the APP / Booking website ( and my intention is to get the website updates in place FROM the 1st.

    See you in the gym!



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