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    Challenge Reflections (Food and Training, Week 1 2022)

    One week down and all is well???  Well, we’ve been rolling with this years’s 2022 28-Days-Later Challenge for a week now and I thought I would share my reflections on how the first week has gone for me!  I wanted to try and do this in two ways:

     -Think back to my previous problems and solutions so this coming week will be better!

    – Think about the unique issues relating to ‘me’ in 2022 and how I need to resolve those.

    As always, the first week is both the hardest week of the challenge whilst simultaneously being the ‘easiest’.  It is HARD because you haven’t really got into a ‘groove’ yet – the simple process of meal prepping, doing the extra workouts (challenges) and generally managing your time/life to make sure you hit all the targets takes effort.  It is EASY because in week#1 motivation is high and finding a purpose for what you are doing is straightforward.

    Q1:  What was good/bad about my training in week#1?

    The single biggest training positive this past week has been engaging other people in my challenge extras.  I completed the ‘SALT’ workout and the ‘French Contrast:  Press and Pull’ workout this week and both times I had others to go through the workout with.  This was particularly important during the pretty gruelling French Contrast workout which could have easily turned into a 25-30 minute effort if I was by myself.  

    In terms of negatives – nothing really to report.  I had a bit of trouble getting my classes in (purely work related) but I managed to get it done and – in theory – that should be easier throughout the remainder of the challenge.  (Why?  Well, we’ve had 2x new trainers start so I’ve been running a few extra classes which has detracted from my ability to PARTICIPATE in classes…and has further taken time away from all the other stuff I need to do – I mean, it’s hard to put together all the sessions for NEXT week when I am on the gym floor running sessions ‘right now’!)  I guess I am suffering a fair bit of muscle soreness (apparently doing the ‘French Contrast’ workout + boxing one day then backing up the next day with Squat waves in Functional Fitness leaves a mark…who could have predicted that!!!) right now and need to be aware of the requirement to add some post-workout protein into my life over the next few weeks to both assist in reducing the DOMS and (hopefully) push back any concerns about muscle loss.

    Q2:  What was good/bad about my food in week#2?

    Food has been pretty positive so far with no slip-ups or cheat days.  Interestingly I was really looking for a bit of a sugar fix on Wednesday/Thursday – just something as simple as a FitAid or an ice-cold Coke No Sugar after footy training would have been AMAZING – but I really feel like I have gotten over the hump.  I did forget to make my breakfast on Friday morning – well, I remembered to make it but had left all my overnight oats containers at work – and that didn’t go super well but I managed to get down to Tony Ale’s around 11am for some fruit…so a bit of a bullet dodged I guess.  

    Overall I know that breakfast is my biggest challenge – work at 4:40am 6x days per week really can create a food battle – but so far I’ve been able to stay on top of things.  I’m not really craving anything right now but my mindset has overall been pretty positive…I would like to start SEEING some physical improvements but I certainly FEEL OK.

    Q3:  Looking ahead, I know things are going to get tough.  How can I use the resolve I had in week#1 during week’s 2, 3 and 4 to make sure I get to the end?

    I think the key here is trying to stay engaged with other people doing the challenge.  Just the simple process of asking the Facebook group about their ‘sugar crash’ mid-week somehow made me feel a bit better.  I have certainly been taking a fair bit of motivation from the photos of food people have been posting…I don’t know – I guess it is just feeling that I’m not the only one?  

    I have to admit, I have absolutely LOVED the pre-class warmup so far (except Friday when I didn’t do it so only 4x classes signed off instead of the 5x I actually did!) and have found I have hit the ground running when the first bell goes a LOT better than over the last couple of months…it just seems to loosen my back up a little bit AND – and I guess this is most important – sort of gets my head in the game for what’s ahead…When I think about it, I’ve probably been ‘wasting’ 5 minutes or so of every workout just ‘getting ready’ whereas now I’ve been doing the warmup I really have felt ‘good to go’ from the start…I mean, IMAGINE THAT!


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